Refund Policy

As a professional software supplier, PoGoskill is dedicated to understanding and addressing the needs of each customer. We welcome customers to contact PoGoskill Support Team via online form submission for any genuine order disputes. We promise a response within 24 hours to handle your concerns swiftly.

At PoGoskill, we place immense value on each customer, striving to make their experience with our products and services delightful. We offer free trial versions for our softwares, allowing customers to trial and evaluate our products before purchasing. These trial versions offer limited features to test, aiding customers in determining whether the software fits their needs. For instance, PoGoskill supports you to change your Pokemon location several times for free, but more location modification experiences are only available with a purchased license.

We follow a "try before you buy" approach. Therefore, PoGoskill offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for all products within refundable circumstances. Beyond the specific money-back guarantee period for the product, refunds will not be granted.

Refundable Circumstances:

PoGoskill, backed by a robust money-back guarantee policy, commits to providing refunds under the following circumstances:

1. Purchasing Circumstances:

  • If a customer accidentally purchases the same product twice within a period of 48 hours, we offer a refund or exchange it for another PoGoskill product.
  • A refund for an incorrect purchase is allowed once the customer buys the correct product on the PoGoskill website. The original program will be refunded promptly.
  • Extra charges beyond the product price at a customer's end will be verified for tax or bank service fee. If there are additional expenses, like download protection fees and physical CDs, we will reach out to the payment platform to refund these costs.
  • If a product is purchased from PoGoskill's website, the money is debited successfully, but no registration code is received within 24 hours, and no response is received from the PoGoskill Support Team in 24 hours, a refund will be issued if the customer no longer needs the product.

2. Automatic Subscription Circumstances:

Customers can contact PoGoskill Support Team to cancel automatic subscriptions any time before the next renewal. If the renewal is still charged post-cancellation, we will refund the renewal amount with the supplied evidence.Suppose you receive confirmation from PoGoskill regarding the cancellation of your subscription, yet you are billed on the day of the subscription. In that case, you are entitled to a refund. You'll need to provide relevant proof such as a screenshot of the cancellation confirmation email from PoGoskill. After validating your claim, we will refund the erroneous renewal charge to you.

3. Product Circumstances:

For technical issues encountered while using the product, the customer can contact PoGoskill Support Team and provide necessary details for troubleshooting. If the problem persists and the customer does not wish to wait for an upgrade, a refund is issued for orders within 30 days.

Upon validation by the PoGoskill Support Team, we typically process the refund back to your original payment method within 2-4 business days. When a refund is approved and issued, the related license will be invalidated. For software downloaded, kindly proceed to uninstall the software and ensure it is completely removed from your computer system.

Non-refundable Circumstances:

Under certain conditions, PoGoskill typically does not authorize refunds or product exchanges. These circumstances could encompass:

1. Purchasing Circumstances:

  • If a change of mind occurs aftermath of a purchase, or an identical product has been already obtained from a different provider, a refund, regrettably, will not be accommodated on such grounds.
  • In scenarios when PoGoskill product pricing varies among different countries or outlets, a refund request regarding this will not be entertained.
  • Typically, PoGoskill sends out registration codes within a two-hour window post a successful order. But, occasionally due to reasons like network glitches, system errors, spam filter settings of your mailbox, or incorrect email input could delay the receipt. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to reach out to the PoGoskill Support Team or navigate to the "Retrieve Registration Code" page for support. Any queries will be addressed within a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Should dissatisfaction arise from misinterpretation or failure to cautiously read the product's function description on the webpage before the purchase, a refund would not be possible. It is strongly encouraged for all clients to carefully review the product and guide pages on the PoGoskill site, along with exploring the free trial version before concluding their final purchase decision. If the product aligns with the regimen promoted on the website and faithfully carries out its functionalities, a refund is not viable.
  • For scenarios wherein the product does not conform to a customer's requirements owing to a misunderstanding of the product's functionalities, a refund will be unavailable. Nonetheless, PoGoskill can directly swap the purchased product with the fitting product, given the cost difference between the two products does not go beyond $20 during the warranty span. If the substitute product comes at a lower price compared to the one purchased, PoGoskill will not refund the price differential.

2. Automatic Subscription Circumstances:

In case the automatic subscription service is not asked to be canceled before the renewal date, unfortunately, refunds will not be offered for charges incurred on the renewal date.

Every PoGoskill product license that features renewal service includes a notification about its automatic renewal cycle on the shopping cart. Finalizing the payment indicates your acknowledged agreement with the renewal feature. If you wish to cancel the automatic subscription, it can be done by contacting PoGoskill Support Team before the arrival of the renewal date. In scenarios where automatic subscription cancellation wasn't done before the renewal date, refunds will not be granted post-charge on the renewal day.

3. Product Circumstances:

Non-cooperation in troubleshooting technical issues, successful product replacement due to quality problems, and refund requests beyond 30 days of purchase are all non-refundable.

A refund request after product change with the customer's consent due to quality problems.

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license is deactivated. For digital versions, uninstall the software and remove it from the computer.