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Resolve GPS Errors with the Best Pokémon Go Spoofer

  • Fix Pokemon Go Error 12 Failed to Detect Location HOT
  • Easily and Safely Spoof Location on Pokemon Go
  • Works with any Location Changer software to Fake
    Pokemon Go GPS location, like iAnyGo, 3utools, and Any To.NO.1
  • PoGoskill Paid Users can use PoGo Wizard for free
  • Free for Paid users of Partner iAnyGo or UltFone
  • Recommendation: Play with a secondary account,
    and adhere to the cooldown periods.

1 Click to Spoof GPS Location in Pokémon GO

Is Pokemon Go Spoofer suddenly not working? Is there a way to trick your GPS for Pokemon Go?
For trainers, not being able to use location spoofing is a major inconvenience.

Solve GPS Problems in Pokemon Go

What GPS issues can occur while spoofing in Pokémon Go? Don't worry, PoGo Wizard can fix most common GPS problems.

  • Pokemon Go Failed To Detect Location (12)
  • Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found (11)
  • Pokémon Show the Wrong Location
pogo wizard
pogo wizard

Works with Popular Location Changers

Compatible with all virtual location changer software on the market, PoGo Wizard supports changing your current GPS location in Pokémon GO.

For better security and an improved user experience, we recommend using PoGoskill, iAnyGo, and UltFone.

Fake Pokemon Go Location in 3 Easy Steps

With PoGo Wizard, you can bypass GPS location errors and spoof your Pokemon Go location in just three simple steps.

pogo wizard

Download and install PoGo Wizard.

pogo wizard

Download and install PoGo skill or iAnyGo Location Changer.

pogo wizard

Select a location on the map and start to modify.

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Pokemon Go Location

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FAQ About PoGo Wizard

Yes, if you are looking for how to fake your location in Pokemon Go, you can use PoGo Wizard to bypass the GPS issueS and then you can use the location spoofing tool again.
PoGo Wizard is not a free product. If you want to experience all its features, it is recommended that you make a purchase first. After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with a registration code. You can use the email and registration code to access all the features.
If you encounter the issue "Failed to locate location 12", you can use PoGo Wizard to bypass GPS signal failures easily and then spoof your location in Pokémon Go.
GPS signal not found on Pokémon Go can happen for various reasons. To fix it for good, download and install PoGo Wizard, which not only resolves GPS location errors but also enhances your gaming experience.
PoGoskill is making a splash in the trainer scene, promising a smooth and safe way to spoof your location in Pokémon Go.

PoGo Wizard

Spoofing in Pokémon GO

PoGo Wizard is compatible with all location changer software and apps, allowing you to play Pokémon GO without walking.
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