How to Use PoGoskill MHN Wizard?

Monster Hunter Now is a game that heavily relies on a player's geographical location, with different monsters, resources, and events being tied to specific regions. By spoofing your location, you can unlock a wealth of new content and opportunities that were previously out of reach. This can be particularly beneficial for players who live in remote areas or areas with limited access to certain game content.

However, in an update on February 2024, Monster Hunter Now made major changes to how it detects player location. This resulted in a wave of issues for iPhone users, who were constantly bombarded with a "Searching for GPS signal" message. The update specifically targeted location spoofing tools, which many players previously used to change their in-game location. These tools became useless with the update, leaving players frustrated and confused.

Part 1. Guide to Download PoGoskill MHN Wizard

PoGoskill MHN Wizard is a powerful tool designed specifically for Monster Hunter Now players who are looking to spoof their location. It has been developed by a team of passionate gamers who understand the frustrations that come with the limitations of location-based games. By utilizing the PoGoskill MHN Wizard, players can seamlessly change their location, unlocking new areas, rare monsters, and unique in-game events that were previously inaccessible.

Step 1
Download the installation package according to your computer type: Win 32-bit Version, Win 64-bit Version, or Mac Version.
Step 2
Once MHN Wizard is downloaded, sign into your Apple ID account.

Rest assured, this account authentication is only required for MH NOW package installation and it does not risk any data leakage.

pogoskill mhn wizard
Step 3
Proceed by connecting your iPhone to your computer and select the "Install MHN" option.
pogoskill mhn wizard
Step 4
Upon successful installation, comply with the on-screen guidance to activate "Developer Mode" on your iPhone.
pogoskill mhn wizard
Step 5
You now have PoGoskill MH NOW installed on your phone. Feel free to use PoGoskill for GPS spoofing and simulated strolls as per your preference.

Part 2. Key Functions of PoGoskill MHN Wizard

PoGoskill MHN Wizard is a joystick app that allows users to spoof their GPS location to play MHN (Monster Hunter Now). PoGoskill is proud to be the pioneering developer of the MHN Wizard, an innovative software that has revolutionized the industry. As the vendor of Tenorshare iAnygo and Ultfone UltFone iOS Location Changer, PoGoskill continues to lead the market in providing top-notch solutions for various needs.

Some of PoGoskill MHN Wizard key functions include:

  • It provides support for fixing the 'searching for GPS signal MH Now' issue commonly experienced with all modified positioning software available on the market.
  • It allows you to change your location with ease, without the need for complex setup or technical expertise.
  • It helps you to access rare monsters, events, and resources that are only available in certain regions.
  • It gives you the freedom to explore the game's world without the constraints of your physical location.
  • It can open up new avenues for exploration, challenge, and discovery, leading to a more engaging and fulfilling gaming experience.

Part 3. Spoof Monster Hunter Now Location in Clicks

Now that you've downloaded the PoGoskill MHN Wizard and created your account, it's time to dive into the process of spoofing your location in Monster Hunter Now. In this section, we'll guide you through the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1
Begin by downloading the PoGoskill Location Spoofer tool. Once installation is complete, click the "Start" option.
pogoskill mhn wizard
Step 2
Establish a connection between your iPhone and your computer and initiate the tool.
pogoskill mhn wizard
Step 3
On the provided map, pinpoint and select the new location you wish to represent within Monster Hunter Now. To confirm the new location, hit "Start to Modify"
pogoskill mhn wizard

Happy hunting, and may the PoGoskill MHN Wizard and PoGoskill location spoofing tool be your trusty companion on your journey through the world of Monster Hunter Now.

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