How to Use PoGoskill iOS APP?

Part 1: Essential Preparation

PoGoskill iOS App, the best Pokémon Go location spoofing app for iPhones, allows players to delve deeply into the game without moving physically. However, properly using the PoGoskill iOS App requires a certain level of understanding and preparedness. That's where this essential guide comes in. We aim to pave your path with robust preparation to embark on your PoGoskill journey confidently and efficiently.

1.1 PoGoskill iOS Assistant Users (Universal)

If you downloaded the PoGoskill iOS app through PoGoskill iOS Assistant, regardless of your iOS version, please complete the subsequent the following 4 preparatory steps in the given order before use, to ensure the modification of location settings. Failure to do so might result in unalterable location settings. It will require approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete the 4 steps.

Establish a VPN setup using the IP Finder Application.
Step 1. Open the PoGoskill iOS app on your iPhone.
Step 2. Select the Location Modification button on the bottom-right corner of the screen, and it will seamlessly transition to the IP Finder App.
Step 3. Select "Allow" to give IP Finder permission to add VPN configurations and then enter your screen lock password.
pogoskill ios app user guide enter screen lock password

Step 4. The IP Finder VPN configuration will be completed. Select "Configured" and "Open". You are now able to use the PoGoskill iOS app to modify your location. Sometimes, no action will be necessary, and the interface will revert back to the PoGoskill iOS app on its own.
pogoskill ios app user guide start modifying location

1.2 PoGoskill iOS Application Control Panel

pogoskill ios app user guide control panel
01: Location/Coordinate Search
02: Menu
03: Favorite
04: History Records
05: Flight Cooldown Timer
06: Current location
07: Game Landmark Refresh
08: Orientation Reset
09: Location Modification Button
10: Single-Spot Movement Mod
11: Multi-Spot Movement Mod
12: Joystick Control
13: Jump Teleport Button
14: Speed Control

Part 2: How to Use PoGoskill iOS App to Change location?

Operating the PoGoskill iOS App to modify your GPS location is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature:

Feature 1: Change GPS Location

Step 1
Open PoGoskill on your iPhone, choose a location on the map, or use the search bar at the top to locate the specific place or coordinates you want to go to.
Step 2
Tap on the first button at the bottom right - Location Modification button.
Step 3
Your location has been successfully modified.
pogoskill ios app user guide location modified

Feature 2: Single - Spot Movement

Step 1
Choose a location on the map, or use the search bar at the top to locate the specific place or coordinates you want to go to.
Step 2
Within the "Speed" section, adjust the virtual coordinate point's virtual movement speed (speed range: 1m/s~30m/s).
Step 3
Tap on the second single-spot movement button at the bottom right.
pogoskill ios app user guide single spot movement
Step 4
The program will automatically layout a route following the road grid from the initial point to the final coordinates, mark it on the map, and then start moving.
Step 5
A popup notification will appear after the movement is completed.
pogoskill ios app user guide popup notification
You have full control over the movement, including changing speed, pausing, or stopping it altogether at any time.

Feature 3: Multi - Spot Movement

Step 1
Tap the Multi - Spot Movement button (it's the third one on the bottom right) to begin designing a custom route.
Step 2
Touch any point on the map to add it as a stop on your custom route.
Step 3
Use the undo/reset button (bottom left) to step back to your previous stop or erase the entire planned route.
pogoskill ios app user guide route reset
Step 4
Within the "Speed" section, adjust the virtual coordinate point's virtual movement speed (speed range: 1m/s~30m/s).
Step 5
Tap "Start Moving" to initiate the route and the program will follow it at the chosen speed.
pogoskill ios app user guide route reset
Feel free to adjust the speed, pause, or even stop the movement at any point in the process.

Feature 4: Joystick Movement

Step 1
Tap on the fourth button at the bottom right - Joystick mode.
Step 2
Drag the slider to adjust the movement speed visually. Or select your desired pace from walking, cycling, or driving.
Step 3
Tap the triangle icon button to initiate movement.
pogoskill ios app user guide initiate movement
Step 4
The button within the circle lets you adjust freely in any direction while moving - you have 360 degrees of control!
Step 5
You can also tap the exit button to exit joystick mode.
pogoskill ios app user guide exit joystick mode

Part 3: PoGoskill Map Gestures

pogoskill ios app user guide

Part 4: Flight Cooldown Time Feature in PoGoskill

Attention Pokémon Go trainers! This section explains how PoGoskill's Flight Cooldown Time feature helps you avoid getting banned.
pogoskill ios app user guide pogoskill flight cooldown time
If you don't need the Flight Cooldown Time feature (important for Pokémon Go), you can turn it off through the program menu's "Settings icon - Turn off Flight Cooldown Time" button on the floating overlay to open the "Flight Cooldown Time" settings popup and deactivate the feature.
pogoskill ios app user guide flight cooldown time feature

1. Pokémon Cooldown Rules

Beware, Trainers! These actions in Pokémon Go will reset your cooldown timer:
1. Catching any Pokémon, even those lured by Incense or appearing in Raids.
2. Feeding berries to both wild Pokémon and defenders in Gyms (on screen).
3. Engaging in Gym battles.
4. Deploying your Pokémon to defend a Gym.
5. Using a Gotcha device to spin PokéStops and catch Pokémon.
6. Accidentally dropping a Poké Ball during an encounter (including Raids).
7. Fleeing from a Pokémon encounter after reaching the catch limit.

No cooldown worries here, Trainers! These actions in Pokémon Go won't reset your cooldown timer:
1. Teleporting: just remember to avoid the actions mentioned earlier that do trigger a cooldown.
2. Checking out wild Pokémon: You can enter the capture screen and leave without throwing a Poké Ball, without any cooldown penalty.
3. Egg hatching, Pokémon evolution, and item usage: Evolving Pokémon, using healing items, evolution items, or TMs, won't affect your cooldown.
4. Claiming rewards, trading, and gift interactions: Catching reward Pokémon, trading with others, and exchanging/opening gifts are all cooldown-free.
5. Remote gym defender feeding: You can feed berries to defenders at Gyms from afar without triggering a cooldown.
6. Switching to the official Pokémon Go app: This won't reset your cooldown, so feel free to switch back and forth as needed.

Be careful, Trainers! Pokémon Go has a cooldown system.
1. Certain actions trigger cooldown: Performing actions like catching Pokemon or spinning PokéStops triggers a cooldown period.
2. Cooldown checks location: After triggering cooldown, if you repeat an action too quickly at a distant location, the game checks if you could travel there realistically in the timeframe.
3. Failing cooldown check triggers Soft Bans: If the game determines unrealistic movement, you'll experience "Soft Bans"
  • Catching: Guaranteed failure.
  • Gyms: Kicked out with wasted Raid Pass (if applicable).
  • PokéStops: No response, no items.
  • Defending Gyms: Unable to place or attack Pokemon.
4. Repeated Soft Bans can lead to account bans.
5. Cooldown-free state and restarting
  • Cooldown-free: After 2 hours of no cooldown-triggering actions, you can freely change location and perform actions.
  • Re-entering cooldown: Any cooldown-triggering action restarts cooldown even in a "cooldown-free" state.
6. Offline approach for cautious players: For complete safety, stay offline for 2 hours after location changes before playing again.
7. Cooldown state and actions:If you change location during cooldown and can't perform actions, either:
  • Return to the original location to resume playing.
  • Wait for the cooldown to finish before performing actions again.
8. Single cooldown location: Cooldown is based on the initial location where you triggered it. Later actions in different locations won't reset the cooldown.
PoGoskill's "Flight Cooldown Time" feature helps users avoid Soft Bans by preventing unrealistic location changes during cooldown.

2. How to Avoid Pokémon Go Ban with PoGoskill Flight Cooldown Time

Stay safe while teleporting! PoGoskill helps you avoid Pokémon Go's cooldown system with its "Flight Cooldown Time" feature.
1. Countdown after location changes: After you change your location using PoGoskill, it will display a countdown timer on the interface.
2. Countdown after location changesWait until the cooldown ends: You can safely perform actions like catching Pokemon or spinning PokéStops only after the cooldown finishes. This helps you avoid "Soft Bans" and potential account bans.
3. Estimated cooldown before location change:
  • Before changing your location, you can select a destination and estimate the safest cooldown time to wait before teleporting there.
  • Long-press the chosen coordinates on the map to see a popup with the estimated cooldown time ("Estimated CD").
Remember: Using PoGoskill's "Flight Cooldown Time" feature helps you navigate Pokémon Go's cooldown system more safely and avoid potential issues with your account.
pogoskill ios app user guide

Part 5: Map Collection, History Records and Styled Map Selection

1. Map Collection

Save time planning future trips by keeping your favorite routes organized with PoGoskill's "Route Collection" feature on iOS. Easily edit saved routes or tap the arrow to access your favorites.
pogoskill ios app user guide route collection

2. Historical records

Want to retrace your steps? Simply tap this button in the history to access a previously used route. For a quick return, tap the arrow and teleport back to a past location.
pogoskill ios app user guide retrace

3. Styled Map Selection

Change your perspective! Tap "Choose Map" in the menu bar to discover different map styles. You'll see six map styles. Pick your favorite, then exit the page to apply your changes.
pogoskill ios app user guide