How to Use PoGoskill?

Get Started

How to change location on iPhone or Android without jailbreak/root? PoGoskill offers the perfect solution. With four special modes, PoGoskill allows you to easily fake your GPS location, giving you the freedom to enjoy location-based service games, especially Pokémon Go. Let's begin now!

Step 1

Install and launch PoGoskill on your computer

Install and launch PoGoskill on your PC or MAC. Click the “Start” button.

Step 2

Connect your device to the computer

PoGoskill offers two ways to connect: using a USB data cable or through Wi-Fi.
Method 1: Connect the device to the Computer with a USB cable (Recommended)
Connect your iPhone or Android device to the computer. For iOS users, you need to unlock your iPhone and trust the computer. For Android users, you need to unlock your device and enable USB debugging. (You can select your Android device brand from the top-right corner and follow the on-screen instruction to enable USB debugging.)
Once PoGoskill detects your device, select it and proceed to the next step.
iOS users can proceed to the next part and start changing location now. Android users need to wait for a few seconds for the download to complete. If the app prompts you to install it, please grant permission for installation on your Android device.
After that, your Android device will be automatically connected successfully. Open your location-based service game (specifically referring to Pokémon Go) and log in to your Pokémon Go account. Tap on "Logged in" to fake GPS for Pokémon Go right away!
Method 2: Connect the device to the Computer with Wi-Fi (iOS Only)
1. The iOS device had successfully connected to the computer via USB before;
2. Computer and iOS device are currently connected to the Wi-Fi network; (Computer also needs to connect to the network via Wi-Fi)
3. Keep the screen of the iOS device stay on.
(Note: Tap "Trust" on your iPhone if your iPhone pops up a message asking you to trust this computer.)
After your phones are connected, choose the device you want to change the GPS location and click “Next”.

Part 1: GPS spoofing with teleport mode

With PoGoskill, you can change your current location to anywhere in the world with one click.

Step 1

Select the destination address on the map

Enter the destination address or GPS coordinates you wish to change to in the search box and then click the "Start to Modify" button.

Step 2

GPS location changed

With only one click, your device’s location will be changed at once. All location-based apps and games on your mobile devices, especially Pokemon Go can be changed to the fake GPS coordinate as well.
1. To prevent Pokemon Go from detecting abnormal user locations, wait for the cooldown time to end before performing certain in-game actions. You can also disable this feature if you don't need it.
To restore the cooldown period feature, you just need to open it in Settings as following steps:
2. If you want to restore to your true coordinate, you can simply click the back button on the bottom right corner.
3. The Coordinate Records will collect the coordinate you have used. You can also collect the coordinates manually by clicking the Heart button. These coordinates are also available in other movements.

Part 2: GPS spoofing with two-spot mode

PoGoskill can simulate a GPS movement route between two points on iPhone or Android device. Let’s the detailed steps:

Step 1

Switch to the two-spot mode

Find the "two-spot mode" at the top right corner of the interface and click to access the corresponding page. (Located in the second icon).

Step 2

Set two-spot route on the map

By default, your starting location is your phone's actual GPS location. All you need to do is determine the destination's address/coordinates. You can choose the destination by either entering the address in the search bar or clicking on the map directly.

Step 3

Click on “Start to Move”

After you set up the number of moves and adjust the speed of movement by dragging the speed bar, click “ Start to Move” to begin the movement between the two points on the map.
You can pause and continue the movement anytime. Also, you can terminate the virtual coordinate movement process as you like.

GPX Function on PoGoskill

PoGoskill is a GPS location-based tool, so you can import GPX files to start an already-arranged route and export your favorite routes as GPX files. PoGoskill can detect different routes in the GPX files and apply them in the virtual movement for quick use.
Import GPX file on PoGoskill:
1. Click the GPX button and import the GPX file on PoGoskill from your computer.
2. If the GPX files are imported successfully, the arranged routes will show up on the map. Then you can operate it as how you work in two-spot mode. If you want to import another GPX file, you need to stop the movement and enter again.
3. You can scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in on the map.
Export GPX file on PoGoskill:
If you have favorite or frequently used routes, you can export these routes with multi-spots to the GPX file on PoGoskill.
1. On the Two-spot Mode, click the button to export your route as a GPX file and save it on your PC.
2. On the Multi-spot Mode, design the routes on the map and click the button to export your route as a GPX file, and save it on your PC.
(Note: The GPX file only can be used in Two-spot Mode.)

Part 3: GPS spoofing with Multi-spot mode

If you want to pass through multiple spots in one movement route, the multi-spot mode feature can help you plan a route with multiple waypoints. Here are the route-setting guides.

Step 1

Switch to the multi-spot mode

Find the "Multi-spot mode" at the top right corner of the interface and click to access the corresponding page. (Located in the third icon).

Step 2

Set your multi-spot route

Choose more than one spot on the map, and set up the number of round trips and the movement speed. After that, click “Start to Move” to simulate the GPS movement as customized.
Note: Drag the mouse pointer in the map to adjust the spot. You can expand or collapse the Route option by clicking the button (as the image shows).

Part 4: GPS spoofing with joystick mode

In Joystick Mode, you can easily change the direction at any time to flexibly control the GPS movement. Here are the using steps offered.

Step 1

Switch to the joystick mode

Find the "Joystick Mode" at the top right corner of the interface and click to access the corresponding page. (Located in the fourth icon).

Step 2

Set the speed of movement

Drag the slider to set the speed you would like to move. You can choose walking, cycling, or driving speed. Its fastest speed can reach 108 kilometers per hour.

Step 3

Use joystick to adjust direction

Drag the middle button to the circle and release it, the GPS will start to move automatically at the set speed. You can tweak the direction freely in 360 degrees during the movement.
(Note: the mouse pointer should also be placed in the circle when you drag the middle button. )
Manual GPS movement: the direction can also be changed by using the Left and Right arrow keys on the keyboard during the movement.

Important Tips in Using:

You can change the position by using the joystick movement. Select your preferred location or input its address into the search box and tap “Modify Positioning”.
Then, your position is modified.