How to Use PoGoskill iOS Assistant?

Before delving into the installation process, here are some crucial pre-installation instructions:

1. Users cannot directly install the PoGoskill iOS app on their iPhones. The process involves two key steps:

  • First, utilize a computer to open this page and install the PoGoskill assistant program on it.
  • Then, install the PoGoskill iOS app on your iPhone through the PoGoskill iOS assistant program.

2. When setting up the PoGoskill iOS Assistant on your computer, ensure your system is compatible with the iOS version of your device:

  • For iOS 17 or above, use Win10 64bit/Win11 64bit/macOS 10.15 and later.
  • For iOS 16 or before, use Win7-11/macOS 10.13-14.

3. The PoGoskill iOS App is compatible with iOS 13.0 to 16.7 and iOS 17.2 or later. However, note that it doesn't work with iOS 17.0 to 17.1.

Part 1:Guide to Installing the PoGoskill iOS App

Step 1
Use your computer to click the download button provided below and install the PoGoskill iOS assistant.
Step 2
Launch the PoGoskill iOS assistant on your computer and log into your Apple account. This need not be the same account linked with your iPhone currently.
pogoskill ios assistance p1s2
Step 3
Establish a connection between your iOS device and computer via a USB data cable. Click on the "Install PoGoskill iOS app" button. On your iPhone, accept and trust the computer.

Note: For iOS16.7 and earlier, proceed to Step 4 after clicking "install".

pogoskill ios assistance p1s3

Only for iOS 17 and above Version Click here》

Step 3.1. [Only for iOS 17 and above] Follow the steps shown in the program interface screenshots to enable developer mode on your device.

ianygo ios assistant install step 4

Step 3.2. [Only for iOS 17 on Windows] Wait until the Apple driver installation is complete.

ianygo ios assistant install step 5

Step 3.3. [Only for iOS 17 on Mac] Follow the steps shown in the program interface screenshot to enable Root on your Mac.

pogoskill ios assistant install step 7

Step 3.4. Trust the computer.

ianygo ios assistant install step 8

Click here to turn off only for iOS 17 and above version steps》

Step 4
The PoGoskill iOS app starts installing on your device. Maintain a stable internet connection and ensure your device remains connected throughout the installation.
pogoskill ios assistance p1s4
Step 5
Upon successful installation of the PoGoskill iOS app, follow the instructions provided on the program interface screenshot to trust the app:

Navigate to Settings>General>VPN & Device Management>Find untrusted applications and tap Trust.

pogoskill ios assistance p1s5

These steps may vary between devices and between operating systems

Part 2:Set up VPN configuration with IP Finder App

Step 1
Launch the PoGoskill iOS app on your iPhone. Click on the location change button in the PoGoskill iOS app, prompting it to automatically switch to the IP Finder App.
pogoskill ios assistance p2s1
Step 2
Permit the app to add VPN configurations by tapping "Allow", then enter your screen lock password. Tap on "Configured" > "Open". You can now use the PoGoskill iOS app to alter your location. Occasionally, the interface might directly revert back to the PoGoskill iOS app without any manual input.
pogoskill ios assistance p2s2
PoGoskill iOS App Guide FAQs :

1. For guidance on how to log into the PoGoskill iOS app post-purchase, refer to the PoGoskill iOS App Login Guide!

2. To learn how to manipulate your GPS location using the PoGoskill iOS App, check out the PoGoskill iOS User Guide.