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Troubleshooting 'No Location Found' on iPhone in 2024

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-04-24 / Update for Change Location

Location services are integral to many apps, providing personalized experiences, location-based reminders, and enhanced security features, such as the ability to locate a misplaced or stolen phone. Consequently, resolving this issue promptly reinstates the utility of these services, ensuring users can again leverage the full suite of capabilities offered by their device. Addressing the no location found meaning on iPhone will restore an essential aspect of mobile technology, affecting convenience and potentially safeguarding users in emergencies.

Part 1. What Does No Location Found Mean on iPhone?

When an iPhone user encounters "No Location Found," it typically signifies difficulty in obtaining location information through the device’s GPS or location services. This error can appear within apps like Find My iPhone, indicating a temporary or persistent issue with tracking the device's location.

1. Internet Connectivity Problems

No Location Found errors can often arise from internet connectivity issues. The iPhone requires a stable internet connection, whether Wi-Fi or cellular data, to transmit its location. If there’s a problem with the network, such as weak signal strength or complete disconnection, location services will not be able to report the current location back to the app.

2.Location Settings Turned Off

IPhones cannot share their geographical position if Location Services are turned off. To resolve this, one must ensure that Location Services are enabled. This can be accessed via Settings, then tapping on Privacy, and finally navigating to Location Services to verify if the toggle is set to the on position.

3.Privacy Settings Hindering Location Detection

Privacy restrictions can impede location sharing, so the privacy settings need verification. Users should check that they have been granted permission to access location data through apps like Find My. These permissions can be adjusted under the app's specific privacy settings in the Settings.

Part 2. How to Fix No Location Found on iPhone

When an iPhone displays 'No Location Found,' it typically indicates a disruption in obtaining or sharing a precise location. Users can resolve this by ensuring they have a stable internet connection, enabling necessary location services, and optimizing privacy settings.

1.Checking Internet Connection

First, users should verify their internet connection since a reliable connection is crucial for location services to function properly. They can check if Wi-Fi is connected or if cellular data is active and has good signal strength. If the connection is poor, they might need to move to an area with better reception or connect to a different network.

2.Enabling Location Services

Next, location services must be enabled; this allows apps to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS networks to determine location. Users should navigate to their iPhone's Settings > Privacy > Location Services and toggle it on. Additionally, they should ensure that specific apps have permission to access location services as required.

3.Adjusting Privacy Settings

Lastly, users should examine their privacy settings. They can control which apps can access their location data and manage these preferences in the iPhone's settings. In Settings > Privacy > Location Services, users can select individual apps and adjust their location access to 'Never', 'Ask Next Time', 'While Using the App', or 'Always', based on their preferences for privacy and functionality.

Part 3. How to Change Your Location On Find My iPhone

Modifying the geographic settings on Apple's Find My iPhone application is an essential measure for maintaining personal security and privacy. In specific scenarios, there may be a need to present an alternative location due to various factors, such as preventing location tracking or avoiding unnecessary intrusions. PoGoskill phone location changer shines as a competent application in this context, providing advanced capabilities for managing location data.

With PoGoskill's robust and comprehensive location management mechanisms, users can effectively handle their location display on Find My iPhone. The practical utility of this application aligns with the increasing need for location privacy in this age of connected digital ecosystems.

Features of PoGoskill:

  • Easily modifies the GPS location of an iPhone without jailbreak.
  • Simulates movement along a custom path at a set speed.
  • Protects privacy by altering the location shared with apps and services.
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone models.

Steps to Change Location Using PoGoskill:

Step 1
Download PoGoskill from their official website to ensure you're getting the genuine product.
no location found meaning on iphone pogoskill launch
Step 2
Once installed, launch PoGoskill and connect your iPhone to the computer via USB.
no location found meaning on iphone pogoskill connect
Step 3
Within PoGoskill, select the feature that allows you to change your device's GPS location.
pokemon go gps signal not found 11 pogoskill change location

By following these steps, your location on Find My iPhone will reflect the new chosen location. This can alleviate concerns about location privacy or could help test location-specific applications.

Part 4. Preventive Measures for No Location Found on iPhone

Encountering an iPhone's "No Location Found" notification can disrupt location-based services. This section outlines measures that can be taken to prevent this issue from arising.

1.Ensuring Software Updates Are Performed Regularly

Keeping an iPhone's software up-to-date is crucial for the optimal performance of location services. Apple frequently releases updates that enhance the functionality and security of their devices, which can include fixes for location-based bugs. Users should regularly check for and install iOS updates to avoid potential issues with location services.

2.Keeping 'Wi-Fi Networking' Option Under 'System Services' Switched On

Location accuracy is improved when the 'Wi-Fi Networking' feature under 'System Services' is enabled. This allows the iPhone to use nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to determine location more accurately, even if Wi-Fi is not actively being used for data. Users should ensure this option is always switched on to prevent 'No Location Found' errors.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Tap on Location Services
  • Scroll to System Services
  • Ensure Wi-Fi Networking is toggled on

3. Regularly Checking App Permissions for Location Services

Apps require permission to use location services, and these permissions can be managed by the user. One should regularly review which apps can access location information and adjust permissions accordingly. This check ensures that only necessary apps are granted location access, which can mitigate 'No Location Found' messages.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Select Location Services
  • Review and adjust permissions for individual apps as needed

By taking these proactive steps, users can greatly reduce the likelihood of encountering 'No Location Found' messages on their iPhones.


The "No Location Found" error on iPhone can disrupt location-dependent services. To fix it, ensure stable internet connectivity, enable location services, and configure privacy settings correctly. Additionally, tools like PoGoskill location changer provide innovative solutions for those seeking more control over their location settings, offering features that enhance privacy and allow for custom location configurations on devices.

Regular maintenance, such as updating iOS software and managing app permissions, also plays a vital role in preventing the occurrence of this error. By adhering to these guidelines, iPhone users can maintain optimal functionality of their location services, enhancing their device's usability and overall mobile experience.

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