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iPhone Location Changer: Change Your GPS Location on iPhone

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-03-29 / Update for Change Location

Since a lot of people want to change their iPhone location, companies market many iPhone location changer tools that claim to spoof iPhone’s location. While most of these tools are nothing more than a gimmick some iPhone location changers actually work. Location changer tools come in different forms and offer different levels of anonymity and control over your device location. This article will cover everything you need to know about iPhone location changers and how they work so read on.

Part 1. Can iPhone Use Location Changer?

It is possible to use location changer tools for an iPhone and it is also perfectly legal to do so. People have been using location changers for iPhones for a long time now and there aren’t any instances of an iPhone getting locked or not working properly after using a location changer. So it is safe to change your iPhone location using a location spoofer without worrying about losing access to your device.

With that said while Apple won’t come after you for using a location changer the type of tool you use may affect your experience. Not to mention there are certain factors that you should consider when using a location faker which we will discuss below.

Considerations when using a location changer for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user you must consider the following factors before you start changing your location:

1. Some shady tools may put your privacy at risk

Not all location-changing tools come from trusted sources and if you end up using the wrong iPhone location changer it might access your data. So make sure to use a reputed location changer if you want to protect your privacy.

2. Location changers may interfere with installed apps

Some location changers may create a conflict with other apps and prevent them from running properly. Not to mention modern apps are equipped with security features that detect location changers and don’t operate normally in case the location isn’t accurate.

3. Rapid battery drain

Since a location changer has to run constantly on your iPhone it will eventually result in faster battery drain. Unless an iPhone location changer is well optimized it will cause your phone to drain battery faster and may even cause overheating.

4. May interfere with iOS updates

Location changers are known to reduce internet speeds and it may slow down or interfere with iOS updates. The update may be delayed or may fail in some cases.

Part 2. How to Change Location on iPhone?

Now that you know that it is possible to change location on an iPhone you are probably wondering what methods how you can fake GPS location. However, keep in mind that changing your location to trick Find My iPhone is not recommended. It may pose a risk to your safety and prevent your circle from knowing your exact location in case of an emergency. With that said here are the methods to change location on iPhone.

1. Changing iPhone Location with a VPN

A VPN short for Virtual Private Network as the name suggests involves the use of a network of remote servers owned by the VPN provider. Your device’s data is routed to a remote server and then sent to your internet service provider. As a result, your location shows up as the location of the remote server instead of your actual location.

A VPN allows iPhone users to quickly and easily change their location and also encrypt their communication to add an extra layer of privacy. If you are looking for a reliable VPN that protects your privacy and changes your location at the same time we recommend using ExpressVPN for iPhone. Here are the steps you can follow to use ExpressVPN to change your location on your iPhone:

Step 1. Go to the ExpressVPN order page here and select a subscription.

Step 2. Go to the App Store and install the official ExpressVPN app on your iPhone.

Step 3. Sign in to the ExpressVPN app on your iPhone and provide the necessary permissions.

Step 4. Now you can connect to any VPN server of your choice and start spoofing your iPhone’s location.

You can go to whatismyip.com to verify that your IP will in fact be replaced with a new IP when using ExpressVPN.

2. Changing iPhone Location without VPN

What if you don’t want to use a VPN because it costs money to buy a subscription or you don’t want an app running constantly on your phone? You can always use a computer-based software called PoGoskill instead of a VPN that runs on a PC to change your iPhone’s location. The great part about PoGoskill that makes it stand out from a VPN is that you can choose any address you want to set as your fake location. On the other hand, VPNs only allow you to pick a country as your fake location.

Additional Features of PoGoskill:

  • Allows you to set your fake location as any address you want.
  • Offers pinpoint accuracy when selecting the fake location.
  • Doesn’t drain the battery since it runs on the computer.
  • It can’t be detected by apps since it is not installed on an iPhone.
  • Has multiple modes for changing your location.
  • Completely safe and doesn’t collect user data.

Steps for using PoGoskill on your iPhone

Step 1
Install PoGoskill on your computer and launch it.
 iphone location changer pogoskill launch
Step 2
Connect your iPhone to the computer with PoGoskill running with the help of a USB cable.
 iphone location changer pogoskill connect
Step 3
Click “Start to Modify” and your iPhone’s location will be changed to the fake location of your choice.
 iphone location changer pogoskill change location


Changing your location on an iPhone may seem like a difficult task at first. However now that you have read this article and know the methods for iPhone location spoofing you can easily do it for your iPhone. However, if you want to be truly anonymous and choose what location shows up as your iPhone location, PoGoskill is the best option for you.

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