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How to Play Monster Hunter Now Without Moving?

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-04-16 / Update for Change Location

Since you have to put in time and effort to walk to find and defeat monsters players try to find ways to play Monster Hunter Now without walking physically. When there is demand there is always going to be a supply and it's the same case with MH Now. There are plenty of tools that have popped up claiming that they let players play MH Now without walking. If you are wondering how to play Monster Hunter now without moving then you are at the right spot. We are going to explain how you can do it and introduce you to tools that actually work.

Part 1. Can You Play Monster Hunter Now Without Moving?

MH Now doesn’t allow players to use third-party apps to trick the game’s system. But people were previously using some tools with varying levels of success to play MH Now without moving. All that has changed since February of 2024 after MH Now took a serious step towards preventing people from using fake GPS location and other hacks. The anti-cheat technology was updated by Niantic and Capcom and since then many tools that used to monster hunter now spoofings aren’t working anymore.

how to play monster hunter now without moving intro

Not to mention the Monster Hunter Now cheats are also being taken down from the internet due to the Niantic’s crackdown on such tools. With that said there are still tools with strong technical teams behind them working to ensure that their tools can work without interference from the new anti-cheat technology.

Tools that run on a computer to control the location of the mobile device are considered the most effective way to play Monster Hunter Now without moving. That is because these tools aren’t directly running on your mobile device they aren’t easily detected by the anti-cheat software. We will give you the best tool option to play Monster Hunter Now without moving in the next section.

Part 2. How to Play Monster Hunter Now Without Moving?

As explained above you can’t use modded versions of MH Now to hack the game because they are easily detected by the anti-cheat software. A great alternative to using a modded MH Now app is using a computer-based Monster Hunter Now cheats such as PoGoskill.

PoGoskill has all the features you need to play Monster Hunter Now without moving and since this software fake your MH Now location naturally it is virtually undetectable. With that said it is important to use PoGoskill carefully and not change your MHN Now location abruptly or with unnatural speed to avoid getting banned. Besides PoGoskill comes equipped with features that make sure that the virtual GPS movement patterns remain similar to how a real human walks.

Here are some key features of PoGoskill that you should know about:

  • Built-in cooldown timer to make sure you don’t change your location frequently and avoid triggering the anti-cheat software.
  • GPS movement speed controls allow you to manage how fast your GPS location changes.
  • Multiple location-changing modes to simulate real-life walking along preset routes.
  • Computer-based operation to ensure no suspicious APK files are detected by anti-cheat.

Steps to use PoGoskill to walk in MH Now without moving

Here are the steps to download and use PoGoskill and play MH Now without walking:

Step 1
Launch the PoGoskill software on your PC and connect your phone that has MH Now installed.
how to play monster hunter now without moving pogoskill connect
Step 2
If the connection is successful you will be able to see the map load up on the PoGoskill screen. You will also be able to see the location-changing modes in the top right corner of the map.
how to play monster hunter now without moving pogoskill change location
Step 3
Now select the multi-spot mode from the location-changing options and then pick multiple spots across the map by dragging the mouse pointer across the map.
how to play monster hunter now without moving pogoskill multi-spot mode
Step 4
This step is the most important one because here you will have to select your GPS movement speed. Make sure the speed is set to walking speed below 10km/h so that it is within the natural walking speed range.
how to play monster hunter now without moving pogoskill setting speed
Step 5
Now all that is left is to click on the Modify Positioning and your MH Now character will start moving across the path you selected.

Part 3. Can You Get Banned from Playing Monster Hunter Now Without Moving?

Now that you know the risks associated with using APK-based tools to spoof Monster Hunter Now location and the best way to play MH Now without walking it is important to cover another important question. Can you get banned if you are playing MH Now without actually walking in real life? The short answer is that if you are abusing the location-changing features of any tool no matter if it is PC-based software or a modded APK you can get banned from the game. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to make sure that your location changer doesn’t get detected by Niantic anti-cheat. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid getting banned while using a location-changing tool with MH Now:

1. Respect Community Guidelines

As long as you are using a tool to simply play the game without walking and not going against more sensitive community guidelines you should be fine. Make sure that you avoid the following activities while playing Monster Hunter Now with or without a location spoofer:

  • Never endanger another individual
  • Never violate the legal rights
  • Dont impersonate other users
  • Avoid promoting third-party apps in MH Now community forums

2. Avoid Rapid Location Changing

When using a Monster Hunter Now Cheat make sure that you don’t use the teleport feature to instantly move from one spot to another. This can be detected as unnatural movement patterns and also avoid setting your fake GPS movement speed to above 10 km/h.

3. Adhere to Cool-Down Periods

Authentic tools such as PoGoskill come with cooldown timers that prevent users from changing the location too often. Make sure that you follow these cool-down periods to avoid getting banned.

4. Use Approved Tools like PoGoskill

As mentioned earlier not all tools are undetectable by MH Now anti-cheat software. So make sure to only use PoGoskill to play the game without walking. This tool has a track record of working flawlessly for a variety of location-based games without the risk of an account ban.


While it is definitely possible to play MH Now without moving or actually walking you have to make sure you use the right tools for the job. Many tools can get easily detected by MH Now anti-cheat and can get you banned. Since PoGoskill is a computer-based program and it spoofs the location naturally it is difficult for anti-cheat software to detect it. This makes it the best often for you if you were wondering how to play Monster Hunter now without moving.

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