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April Upates for Fix Monster Hunter Now Searching for GPS Signal

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-04-03 / Update for Change Location

Anyone else having this issue?

Monster Hunter Now says "searching for GPS signal" though it still seems to be tracking my location. Any ideas? I’ve checked the settings and my location sharing settings are all set. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

One common problem that players are facing is the Monster Hunter Now "Searching for GPS Signal", which affects many who play the game. However, the good news is that this problem can be fixed and, in this article, we're going to show you just how to solve the MHN GPS Signal Issue on iOS. If you're one of the players dealing with the searching for GPS signal in MHN, then read this article till the end where we will guide you through the steps to get your game running smoothly again.

Part 1: How Monster Hunter Now Works?

Before diving into the solution for the MHN GPS signal issue, it's essential to understand why this problem occurs. Monster Hunter Now is not just any social multiplayer game; it's a game that relies heavily on your physical location to deliver its services.

Created by Niantic, Monster Hunter Now uses your geographical location to shape your gaming experience. For example, if you're near water sources like lakes or ponds, you might encounter more swampy zones in the game. Similarly, areas close to parks or open spaces are likely to reveal more forested regions in Monster Hunter Now. As such, this deep reliance on GPS coordinates is central to how the game functions, making it impossible for the game to run without access to your location data.

 monster hunter now searching for gps signal intro

Like all human-made creations, Monster Hunter Now isn't without its flaws. No video game is perfect, and MHN is no exception. It's natural for random bugs and app glitches to occur, leading to frustrating problems like the Monster Hunter Now "Stuck Searching for GPS Signal" issue.

Understanding that these problems stem from the game's core reliance on real-world geography helps us comprehend why such issues are not just common but somewhat expected. With that said, let's explore how we can tackle this problem and how you can get back to enjoying without the stuck GPS issue in MHN.

Part 2: The Latest Solution for MH NOW Searching for GPS Signal

Some players look forward to Monster Hunter Now officially releasing the positioning modification detection function, which means that the official will once again tacitly allow you to fly. This is obviously impossible. The others hope for a strong technical team to overcome this problem while our customer service team always receives such letters since February 22, 2024.

After a month of research and development, the PoGoskill team found a solution for iOS users: to re-customize a Monster Hunter Now game package, named MHN Wizard. Through this game package, the positioning modification detection function can be bypassed and you can fly with confidence.

Step 1
Please click to download the Win Version or Mac Version from the PoGoskill official first. And then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the settings.If it doesn't work for you, please contact with our support team.

Note: The login option in MH Now can only use Google. Apple ID login is not supported.

monster hunter now searching for gps signal mhn wizardh
Step 2
Download and launch the PoGoskill on your computer, and you can find there are several modes on the top right side of the main interface.
monster hunter now searching for gps signal pogoskill launch
Step 3
Then input a location and use the Teleport Mode in PoGoskill to change your location. In this way the game's detection system won't be suspicious, and you can use other movement modes now.

Before making any changes, please turn off Monster Hunter Now and delete it from the background.

monster hunter now searching for gps signal pogoskill connect
Step 4
Multi-spot Mode in PoGoskill allows you to create a route with multiple waypoints. This gives your character a travel route that moves between multiple specified points on the map, allowing for a richer exploration experience.
monster hunter now searching for gps signal pogoskill change location
Step 5
If there is no customized route, you can use the Joystick Mode to walk freely. Just set the point you want to go to, set the moving speed, and then click to start moving.
monster hunter now searching for gps signal pogoskill change location
If you have already downloaded PoGoskill on your computer, ensure it's the latest version.

Part 3: Reasons Why You Are Getting Stuck GPS Issue In MHN

There are a few key reasons why you might be facing the stuck GPS issue in MHN, and understanding these can help you find the right solution.

1.Monster Hunter Now is not being allowed to use your exact location.

Smartphones today have strong security settings that sometimes stop apps from using your location all the time.

It's possible that your phone has turned off the game's permission to use your location. This means the game can't know where you are, which is very important for Monster Hunter Now to work right.

FIX: Look at your phone's settings and make sure the game is allowed to use your location.

2.A bit technical and applies to Android phone users.

It's about a setting called "Hide Mock Location” which is designed to stop apps from knowing when your phone's location is being faked. If "Hide Mock Location" isn't set right, Monster Hunter Now will not be able to accurately determine your real location, leading to the MHN GPS signal issue.

FIX: Look into the developer options on your Android phone or using specific apps that help with this issue.

3.The stuck GPS issue in MHN could be an update from devices.

This is because due to MHN's live service features, devs are frequently rolling out updates for the game. While many of these are quality-of-life updates, designed to enrich your gameplay experience, some of these are also technical updates that bring in core changes to the game's functionality. As such, many current location spoofer apps (which a large number of players use), have become useless and consequently give rise to the Monster Hunter Now “Stuck Searching for GPS Signal” issue as they cannot properly fetch signals.

FIX: Update the location spoofer app to the newest version, you will not continue to have this problem.


While fixing the Monster Hunter Now "Stuck Searching for GPS Signal" issue can be frustrating, it is not impossible. By understanding the root causes and exploring the solutions available, you can get back to enjoying this immersive AR experience without any hitches.

While updating your location spoofer stands out as the most effective solution, it's crucial to choose a reliable tool that keeps pace with the game's updates and safeguards your gameplay. And as discussed above, PoGoskillstands out as the best location spoofer for MHN.

Key Features:

  • Auto-walk the wilderness: Set custom routes and let PoGoSkill handle the legwork.
  • Spoof smartly: A built-in timer keeps you safe and undetected.
  • Customize your journey: Create personalized routes, save favorite spots, and adjust your speed for realism.
  • Master your movement: Control your character with a precise joystick and navigate like a pro.

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