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Understanding and Leveraging Driftsmelting in Monster Hunter Now

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-06-05 / Update for Change Location

Driftsmelting in Monster Hunter Now got rolled out on May 22nd with the update 76.2. If you haven’t updated your game yet, Monster Hunter Now Driftsmelting will not be available. Monster Hunter Now Driftsmelting lets you upgrade your armor gear set in an all-new way. This means you can make your armor even stronger to help defeat powerful monsters. Each upgrade brings you newer abilities that provide an edge in monster-slaying battles. As such, Driftsmelting in Monster Hunter Now has caught the attention of every player. Therefore, this article tells you everything you need to know to get started with Monster Hunter Now Driftsmelting.

monster hunter now driftsmelting

Part 1. What is MH Now Driftsmelting?

Driftsmelting in Monster Hunter Now is a powerful feature that lets players enhance their armour with decorations. These decorations boost your damage output (DPS) in turn and subsequently improve your survivability while you are out there slaying monsters.

Each time you successfully perform Monster Hunter Now Driftsmelting feature, one skill is added to your armour at random. At any given time, you can have up to a maximum of 10 skills per piece of armour. So, for instance, if you want to incorporate an 11th Driftstone in your armour equipment, you would first need to remove an existing Driftstone from the armour.

 monster hunter now driftsmelting

These skills are added to dedicated Driftsmelt slots in your armour and are automatically activated during your hunts. If your armour has multiple slots, you can set as many skills as there are slots available. However, skills already set in one slot cannot be set in another.

Driftsmelting is a novel feature introduced in Monster Hunter Now. Previously, the equipment enhancement system was primarily focused on upgrading weapons and armour through materials gathered from monsters and quests. Therefore, the advent of Driftsmelting in Monster Hunter Now has added a new layer of customisation that allows players to attach skills to their equipment using Driftstones.

Part 2. How to Access MH Now Driftsmelting?

To access and start Driftsmelting, players first need to complete the pre-season story, which spans from the end of the prologue to the completion of Chapter 13: Sunderer of the Skies. Once unlocked, players can then begin the process of Driftsmelting, which is typically completed by walking a certain distance. For those who prefer instant results, the Insta-Smelt Solution can be used to complete the process immediately.

However, to get started with Monster Hunter Now Driftsmelting feature, you first need to have Driftstones. These are essential for Driftsmelting and are primarily obtained as rewards for slaying large monsters. In addition to this, you also need to fulfil some equipment requirements. In that, your gear must have dedicated Driftsmelt slots and be upgraded to a specified grade, which varies by equipment. Lastly, you require a Driftsmelting Tank in order to initiate the Driftsmelting process.

 monster hunter now driftsmelting

Each skill added via Driftsmelting receives one of the following types of parameters at random. Although the value is random, each has an upper limit:

  • Attack: This boosts your damage output (e.g., Attack +1), making it easier to deal with powerful monsters.
  • Defence: This enhances your survivability (e.g., Defense +1), helping you withstand more damage in battles.
  • Affinity: This increases your critical hit chance (e.g., Affinity +1%), allowing for more frequent critical strikes.

Part 3. Unveiling the Secrets of Driftstones

As told above, Monster Hunter Now Driftstones are the key to unlocking powerful skills through Driftsmelting. These valuable items can be obtained as rewards for slaying large monsters, but only after you have unlocked the Driftsmelting feature. Each type of Driftstone grants different skills that make it essential to choose the right one for your desired abilities.

Moreover, Driftstone Shards, which are a byproduct of Driftsmelting, can also be collected and exchanged for Driftgems. Both Driftgems and Driftstones impart different skills.

To see the specific skills each Driftstone can grant, tap on the Driftstone in the Driftsmelting menu. The types of Monster Hunter Now Driftstones include Crimson, Azure, Amber, Cyan, and Pale, each dropped by different monsters.

monster hunter now driftsmelting

For instance, Rathalos and Anjanath drop Crimson Driftstones, which can grant skills like Fire Attack, Heroics, and Peak Performance. Azure Driftstones, from Great Jagras and Radobaan, offer Water Attack, Concentration, and Sleep Attack. Amber Driftstones, dropped by Zinogre and Great Girros, provide Thunder Attack, Burst, and Paralysis Attack. Cyan Driftstones, from Barioth and Rathian, grant Ice Attack, Critical Eye, and Poison Attack. Lastly, Pale Driftstones, dropped by Barroth, Banbaro, Diablos, and Odogaron, offer skills like Weakness Exploit, Special Boost, and Sneak Attack.

Additionally, non-Driftstone-specific skills like Attack Boost, Defence Boost, Last Stand, and Health Boost can also be acquired. And guess what? They can be doubled in rewards using Special Carving Knives, and you can hold up to nine Driftstones in your inventory! What’s even more? Using a Special Carving Knife when you already have 8 Driftstones temporarily allows you to hold 10!

Part 4. PoGoSkill MHN Wizard: Your Ultimate Companion

PoGoSkill MHN Wizard is a powerful tool designed specifically for Monster Hunter Now players who want to spoof their location because this tool effectively addresses the most common frustrations associated with the Monster Hunter Now game.

Speaking of which, one of the standout features of PoGoSkill MHN Wizard is its exclusive ability to fix Monster Hunter Now GPS signal issues. Plus, it works with all location changer software, such as iAnyGo and Any To, making it versatile and compatible with various tools that fake GPS locations.

Moreover, PoGoSkill MHN Wizard is also free for all users with paid subscriptions to PoGoSkill, iAnyGo, and UltFone. Last but not least, this location spoofer tool is also compatible with the latest iOS versions.

To download and set up PoGoSkill MHN Wizard, follow these steps.

Step 1
Get the installer for your computer by clicking the button above.
monster hunter now driftsmelting
Step 2
If you already have the PoGoskill location spoofer, launch it and click 'Start' to begin your Monster Hunter Now adventure.
monster hunter now driftsmelting
Step 3
Having PoGoSkill MHN Wizard on your phone makes playing Monster Hunter Now more convenient.
monster hunter now driftsmelting


And that’s all there is to Monster Hunter Now Driftsmelting. Now that you know the ropes, it’s time to spoof your location using the PoGoSkill MHN Wizard tool and instantly land on the coordinates where the required monsters are located which will potentially drop the Driftstone you are after to enhance your equipment gear items in MHN.

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