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Practical Guide to Capture Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now!

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-07-03 / Update for Monster Hunter Now

The hunt for Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now is back on the menu hunters. This monster is the specialized version of a regular Rathian and is easily distinguished by its pink scales. With the new hunt opened, you must be wondering how to find Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now and kill him. Well, we have the solution as we discuss in detail how you can hunt Pink Rathian MH Now and which app is the best to support your endeavor. Without further ado, let's start with his descriptive guide about this monster in MH Now!

Part 1: What is Monster Hunter Now Pink Rathian?

Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now is not a regular monster, as it is always timed exclusively, and you cannot hunt year-round. This variant is stronger and rarer than the regular variant and is primarily found in Forest locations.

pink rathian monster hunter now

When it comes to attributes, Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now is faster and more deadly while having different attack patterns. Still, they both share the same weakness, such as the weakness of the Thunder element. So, if you want to go out into the wild to hunt Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now, be sure that you are HR 11 to be even capable of participating in this event.

Part 2: How to Find Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now?

As the monster is timed exclusive, you must know how to find it and prepare for Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now before embarking. First, the game shares the general spawn location of the monster before the event. Second, most fans will share the most likely location on partner websites. But there are two issues with this event if you know these locations.

  • If the location is far, you need to travel to that location.
  • As the game tells the general location of the monster, you need to farm and search for Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now.

Now, what if you don't have to physically travel to that location because it would take too much time, and you have other things to do? In that case, PoGoskill MH Now spoofer is your best solution. This fantastic app will let you spoof/fake your GPS location in Monster Hunter Now, and you can take your in-game character anywhere in the world.

Key Features of MHN Wizard

  • Safely Engage in Spoofing on Monster Hunter Now.
  • Providing Exclusive Solutions for GPS Signal Issues in Monster Hunter Now.
  • Compatible with All Location Changer Software to Rectify GPS not working in MHN.

How to Find Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now Using PoGoskill MHN Wizard?

Please follow these steps to make your hunt a lot easier.

Step 1
Download MHN Wizard to install and run. To use the app, you must sign in with your Apple ID.
pink rathian monster hunter now
Step 2
Launch any Location spoofer to start spoofing. Here, we’d recommend to use PoGoSkill Location Changer since it updates along with MHN Wizard.

For subscribers of MHN Wizard, you can use PoGoskill for free to spoof MHN.

pink rathian monster hunter now
Step 3
Choose the location on the address bar, either using the exact location address or coordinates. When you confirm, you hit 'Start to Modify,' and the app will change your phone's location.
pink rathian monster hunter now

Part 3: Best Tips to Beat Pink Rathian MH Now

So now that you know the best method to find and hunt Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now, but how do you defeat it? Do you have what it takes to do it? Do not worry, as we have the best tips to do it efficiently.


The best weapons to kill Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now are those that have the thunder element; without them, you cannot do it. According to the experts, two weapons are best for Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now.

  • Rosen Arrow
  • Queen Rose

Monster Hunter Now Pink Rathian Weakness

In Monster Hunter Now, Pink Rathian is a challenging monster with specific weaknesses you can exploit to make the battle easier. Here are the key weaknesses and strategies to consider when fighting Pink Rathian:

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Dragon: Highly effective against Pink Rathian.
  • Thunder: Also a good choice for dealing significant damage.
  • Ice: Can be effective but less so than Dragon and Thunder.

Status Ailments
  • Poison: Effective, as Pink Rathian is vulnerable to poison.
  • Stun: Useful for creating openings in her defense.
  • Sleep: Can be used strategically to set up high-damage attacks.

Part Weaknesses
  • Head: Weak to both physical and elemental attacks. Focus on attacking the head for maximum damage.
  • Wings: Targeting the wings can help to ground Pink Rathian, making the fight easier.
  • Tail: Severing the tail can reduce her tail swipe attacks and poison damage.

FAQs about Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now

Q1: How to Find Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now?

There are location markers in the game that will guide you to where to look for Pink Rathian MH Now. There are also a few fan-made websites where they share this crucial information. The best method is to use an app like PoGoskill MHN Wizard to spoof your location and start the patrolling method.

Q2: Is the Monster Hunter Now Pink Rathian Stronger Than its Regular Version?

Yes, even though it is a subspecies, it can deal a lot more damage and is more difficult to hunt and kill. The best way to finish it off is to use lightning-based weapons.

Final Words

One of the rarest time-gated and exclusive monsters in Monster Hunter Now is Pink Rathian. It is the stronger and tougher version of a regular Rathian. With great loot and an exclusive rare nature, everyone wants to hunt Pink Rathian Monster Hunter Now whenever it spawns. Unfortunately, it might be far from your location, which can be a bit of a letdown. In such cases, you need a workable tool to enable spoofing in Monster Hunter Now, like PoGoskill MH Now spoofer, that can instantly teleport you to where this monster is.

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