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Monster Hunter Now New Monsters & Weapons Updated

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-04-30 / Update for Change Location

Monster Hunter Now has released its major update, Fulminations in the Frost, on December 12th, 2023. The update has brought new weapons, monsters, elements, etc. The players were eagerly waiting for Monster Hunter Now updates. In this article, we will discuss Monster Hunter Now new monsters, weapons, and everything included in the new update.

Part 1: Monster Hunter Now New Monsters

After the latest update, there are four Monster Hunter Now new monsters. You can encounter Randoban, Banbaro, and Barioth after completing the urgent quests.

1. Radobaan

The Radobaan, a wyvern wielding the sleep-inducing Bone Hammer, utilizes its spiked exoskeleton for both offense and defense. Effective strategies against it involve Dragon elements and the Blast Status.


2. Banbaro

Players should be prepared to face Banbaro, a colossal horned Brute Wyvern that hurls rocks at both short and long ranges. Employing Dragon element weapons is effective in bringing it down.


3. Barioth

Barioth, a formidable Ice Tusk Wyvern, emerges in frigid environments. Evade its ice assaults by wielding fire and thunder weapons. Barioth is a seasonal spawn, indicating that it will vanish from the game with the March update.


4. Zinogre

You will be able to encounter Zinogre in an urgent quest from December 15-17. But after that, it will be only available in Hunt-a-thons.


Part 2: MH Now New Weapons

Fulminations in the Frost has introduced two new weapons in Monster Hunter Now. Now, there are eight weapons in total.


1. Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades

There are two sharp and pointed blades in each hand of the hunter. It allows him/her to move quickly and attack multiple times in a row. The hunter can enter Demon Mode, which makes the weapon more lethal. It lasts until the stamina gauge runs out. The weapon has a special skill called Heavenly Blade Dance. It starts a series of lethal attacks from the sky and ends up slicing through the monster.

2. Monster Hunter Now Lance

Lance is for defense as well as attacking. The hunter has a lance in one hand and a shield in the other. If the monster is ready to attack, the Hold Action will serve as a great defense. With this weapon, it is possible to attack the monster from a distance. The special skill of the weapon is Dash Attack. It is a full-throttle attack with the lance that penetrates through the defense and gives massive damage to the monster.

Part 3: Best MH Now GPS Spoofer for Winter Wonderland - PoGoskill

Monster Hunter Now has introduced some changes according to Winter. The appearance of habitats will be different, and there will be new small monsters (Wulg and Cortos). Moreover, you will also hear some new music. You can use PoGoskill, , which is an Android and iPhone location spoofer, to prepare for the new monsters and special events. It can change your GPS location in Monster Hunter Now. You can play at your home, and there is no need to walk in cold weather.

Key Features:

  • GPS Spoofing and Virtual Navigation: Ability to traverse the gaming terrain without physically moving.
  • In-game Tools and Resources: Access to a wider range of tools and resources for better gaming.
  • Higher Catch Rate: Boosts your ability to capture monsters successfully.
Step 1
Since Niantic banned GPS location spoof when play Monster Hunter Now, please download MHN Wizard Game Packge by clicking the Win Version or Mac Version first.

If it doesn't work for you, please contact with our support team.

monster hunter now new monsters and weapons mhn wizardh
Step 2
Download PoGoskill on your computer and install it. Launch the app and click Start.
monster hunter now new monsters and weapons
Step 3
Enter the location in the search bar. Click Start to Modify to instantly change the GPS location. Now, you can open Monster Hunter Now, and you will be able to play in the selected location.
monster hunter now new monsters and weapons
Step 4
PoGoskill also offers a joystick GPS spoofer. You can use it to move in any direction at the desired speed. If you find any monster nearby, use the joystick to reach it.
monster hunter now new monsters and weapons

Part 4: Monster Hunter Now New Sleep Element

The sleep element is also an important part of the recent Monster Hunter Now updates. With this new element, you can put the monster into a deep sleep. You can give lethal damage to a monster with the first blow, so slaying a monster becomes a lot easier with this new element. If you want to get weapons having a sleep element, collect the required materials from Randoban, and then forget the weapon. So, start looking for Randoban now.

monster hunter now new monsters and weapons

Part 5: Rebalancing existing weapon types

Along with the introduction of new weapons, the existing weapons are rebalanced in terms of their characteristics and strength. Some of the weapons have deviated from the original intent, which is why creating a balance was necessary.

monster hunter now new monsters and weapons

1. Sword and Shield

These can attack and guard as well, and the new weapon, Lance, can also do that. So, adjustments are made to the guard's performance of sword and shield. The overall damage reduction rate will be reduced.

2. Great Sword

There was an imbalance between the risk of getting damaged by monsters and the massive damage given through weapons. Now, the risk of being attacked is slightly reduced when you attack the monster.

3. Hammer

Hammer is also a high-risk weapon. So, the balance between the risk and damage is adjusted. The hunters will be able to evade quickly to save themselves from attacks.

4. Bow

The bow is a long-range weapon, and there was an imbalance between the distance and attack performance. Now, the damage will be less if the distance is greater. Secondly, the shots must be aimed at weak points for decent damage.

5. Light Bowgun

Previously, it was easier to give more damage to the monster from a lower-risk position. But now, if the distance is greater, the damage will be less.

6. Long Sword

The long sword is still one of the most powerful weapons, and there are no adjustments made in this update.

Additional Information for Hunters

1. Hunt-a-thons

Monster Hunter Now Hunt-a-thons are the new hunting experience events that happen at specific times. It will launch on December 15th. The gathering points will turn into Hunt-a-thons points, and you will be able to hunt five monsters one after the other. These large monsters are stronger than the normal ones. From December 15th to 17th, the 5th large monster at a Hunt-a-thons point will be Zinogre. So, you have a chance of slaying this new monster.

2. Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List

Here is the Monster Hunter Now weapon tier list according to our experience and observations.

S Sword & Shield and Light Bowgun
A Long Sword and Bow
B Hammer
C Great Sword


Fulminations in the Frost is the first major update of Monster Hunter Now. It has brought four Monster Hunter Now New monsters, two new weapons, a new element, and a lot more. Now, you have to get ready to slay these new monsters and collect new materials. If you want to progress faster and encounter monsters without going out of your home, use PoGoskill. It is a location spoofer that instantly changes GPS location. So you can set the location of any place in the world and play the game there.

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