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Unlocking and Mastering the Best Weapons in Monster Hunter Now

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-07-10 / Update for Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now is pretty restrictive when it comes to the weapons choice when players are just starting. However, as you progress further in the game you start to unlock more powerful weapons that make it easy to slay monsters and collect materials to craft even stronger weapons. However, unlocking and mastering the best Monster Hunter Now weapons can be tricky. This is why we have created this helpful guide to help anyone who wants to know more about weapons in MH Now. As a bonus, we will also explain how you can unlock weapons faster so keep reading.

Part 1. Are There Other Weapons in Monster Hunter Now?

When starting in Monster Hunter Now players often wonder if there are other weapons in this game. The starting weapons are not the strongest or the most durable. But if you are coming from the main Monster Hunter game you won’t be able to find all the weapons you are used to. With that said the developers are slowly adding more weapons to the game in the form of updates. Here are all the types of weapons in MH Now as of today:

  • Sword and Shield
  • Great Sword
  • Bow
  • Hammer
  • Light Bowgun
  • Long Sword
  • Insect Glaive
  • Dual Blades (added Dec. 2023)
  • Lance (added Dec. 2023)
  • Charge Blade (added March 2024)
  • Gunblade (added June 2024)

Part 2. How to Unlock Weapons in Monster Hunter Now?

Unlocking weapons in Monster Hunter Now requires patience and hard work. So when you see a player with the newer more advanced weapons unlocked it shows their dedication towards the game. Currently, the only way to unlock weapons in MH Now is by playing the game and progressing through it. As you progress through different chapters of the game you get access to better weapons. Here is the order in which players unlock weapons in MH Now:

  • Players start with a Sword and Shield.
  • Complete the first stage of Chapter 2: Shimmering Swamp to unlock Great Sword, Dual Blades, and Lance
  • After reaching level 15 in MH Now you will unlock the remaining weapons as well

Now unlocking weapons is one thing and crafting them is another requirement players must fulfil before they can use these weapons. So even if you have unlocked weapons you will need to defeat monsters and collect the required materials to forge new weapons.

Part 3. What is the Best Monster Hunter Now Weapon?

Players often wonder what is the Best Monster Hunter Now weapon that they should use to defeat monsters. The short answer is that it depends on your play style and the monsters you face. Here is a breakdown of the Monster Hunter Now weapons and their best use cases:

1. Best Overall Weapons: Long Sword, Sword and Shield

As far as sheer usefulness is concerned the Sword and Shield is the perfect weapon that offers both offensive and defensive capabilities. Despite being available from the start this weapon combo can defeat powerful monsters. Long Sword on the other hand is a precise weapon that can deal a lot of damage to the enemies. Long Sword also has a special Spirit Guage that amplifies attack damage making it ideal for taking down monsters while staying out of their attack range.

monster hunter now weapons

2. Best Melee Weapons for High Damage: Great Sword, Hammer

When it comes to the top Melee weapons the Great Sword and the Hammer are the best high-damage weapons in Monster Hunter Now. The true charged attack from The Great Sword is one of the highest damage attacks in the game.

monster hunter now weapons

Hammer on the other hand is a blunt melee weapon in MH Now with a special Spinning Bludgeon attack that deals continuous damage.

3. Best Fast-Attack Melee Weapons: Dual Blades, Insect Glaive

If you like fast-paced gameplay then you will love the Dual Blades due to their high mobility and the ability to launch fast attacks on monsters. This weapon also comes with a Demon Mode that enhances the speed and effectiveness of the attacks.

monster hunter now weapons

Insect Glaive is one of the newer weapons in MH Now it requires some practice to master it. It is a double-ended weapon ideal for quick attacks and it also has a Kinsect which is an insect-like creature that you can unleash on the monsters to drain their essence.

4. Best Defensive Melee Weapons: Lance, Gunlance

If you prefer a more defensive play style then the Lance and the Gunlance are both ideal for you. If you prefer a shield then the regular Lance would work just fine for you. You can quickly attack the monsters and get behind the safety of your shield.

monster hunter now weapons

If you like to go guns blazing and looking for a weapon that lets you do a lot of damage to the monster then the Gunlance brings firepower to the lance. You can stay clear of all enemy attacks while shooting the monsters until they are defeated.

5. Best Ranged Weapons: Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow

The Bow style weapons in MH Now are the best-ranged weapons you can get. You get three types of ranged weapons including Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, and the Bow all of which are great for both medium and long-range fights with monsters.

monster hunter now weapons

6. Best Support Weapons: Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is a support weapon with similar attacks to the Hammer. It is often considered a weaker version of The Hammer and since it is available in the original Monster Hunter game it is yet to be released in MH Now.

monster hunter now weapons

7. Best for Beginners: Sword and Shield, Light Bowgun

The Sword and Shield is the best weapon for beginners hands down because it is available from the beginning. However, as soon as you reach level 15 and complete Chapter 2 part 3 you will have access to Bowgun which will allow you to try a more long-range play style.

Bonus: How to Spoof MH Now to Unlock Weapons Fast?

If you are trying to unlock all weapons you can’t just rely on completing the chapters and leveling up. You also need to defeat monsters and collect materials to forge these weapons. It can be difficult to find the monsters you are looking for without some help. Spoofing your location in MH Now is a great way to instantly encounter monsters without wasting time and MHN Wizard lets you spoof your location without getting detected.

Key Features

  • Prevents detection while using location spoofing in MH Now.
  • Can fix poor GPS issues with MH Now.
  • Supports all common location spoofing tools including PoGoSkill.

How to use MHN Wizard to spoof Monster Hunter Now?

You can follow these simple steps to use MHN Wizard to safely spoof your location in Monster Hunter Now and unlock all your favourite weapons:

Step 1
Download MHN Wizard on your and sign in using your Apple ID.
monster hunter now weapons
Step 2
Download and install the PoGoSkill location spoofer on your PC and launch it.

For subscribers of MHN Wizard, you can use PoGoskill for free to spoof MHN.

monster hunter now weapons
Step 3
Wait for the map on the PoGoSkill screen to load up and you can start changing your MH Now location without getting detected.
monster hunter now weapons


Monster Hunter Now has a wide range of weapon types that you can choose from. However, unlocking these weapons in the first place is the actual challenge. With the help of PoGoSkill Monster Hunter Now spoofer, you can quickly fulfil all the requirements to unlock and craft your favourite weapons in no time.

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