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Unveiling the Exciting World of Monster Hunter Now Best Locations

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-07-03 / Update for Monster Hunter Now

Calling all Hunters! Monster Hunter Now immerses you in a thrilling world where tracking down fearsome beasts is key. Mastering combat is crucial, but a true hunter knows the importance of location. This guide will help you find your quarry quickly by delving into the Monster Hunter Now best Locations. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh recruit, this guide will sharpen your skills and set you on the path to becoming a location-savvy monster slayer!

monster hunter now best location

Part 1. What Makes a Good Location in Monster Hunter Now

Finding the perfect hunting ground in Monster Hunter Now isn't just about pretty scenery. Here's what separates a monster haven from a scouting dead-end:

  • Monster Variety & Resources
  • Diverse ecosystems attract a wider range of beasts, from common prey to elusive trophies. This not only fuels the thrill of the hunt but also provides the materials you need to craft powerful gear. Rare monsters and abundant resources make a best Monster Hunter Now locations truly prime real estate.

    monster hunter now best location
  • Player Traffic & Competition
  • Bustling areas offer a wider variety of materials and items dropped by other hunters. However, this bounty comes with competition. Solo hunters might prefer quieter locations for a more focused experience, while groups might seek areas that cater to coordinated attacks.

  • Accessibility & Safety
  • A good location needs to be smooth sailing in both the digital and real world. Clear in-game navigation with minimal obstacles keeps the hunt flowing. More importantly, prioritize real-world safety by choosing locations that don't put you at risk.

Finding the perfect balance between these factors will turn you from a lost hunter to a location-savvy monster slayer!

Part 2. Best Locations in Monster Hunter Now

Finding the best Monster Hunter Now locations can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, providing ample opportunities to encounter a variety of monsters and gather essential resources. Major cities and popular urban spots are often prime hunting grounds due to their diverse spawns and frequent events.

1. Monster Menagerie

Bustling cities attract a diverse range of monsters, from common critters to rare beasts. Tokyo, New York, London - these metropolises are a hunter's paradise with frequent events to sweeten the deal. Plus, with so many players around, there's always something to hunt!

2. Urban Oases

Parks, landmarks, and downtown areas are your urban hunting grounds. Parks offer a mix of open space and natural elements, attracting a variety of beasts. Landmarks and bustling downtowns, with their high player traffic, translate to a wealth of resources and items. These spots are ideal for solo hunters and groups, allowing you to tailor your approach based on the prey.

Part 3. Specialized Hunting Zones in Monster Hunter Now

In addition to regular hunting grounds, specialized hunting zones in Monster Hunter Now offer unique opportunities to encounter rare monsters and gather exclusive resources. These areas are often tied to specific events or distinct biomes, providing dynamic and varied gameplay experiences.

1. Event-specific locations

It plays a crucial role during seasonal and community events. These areas are designated for special in-game activities, such as Halloween or holiday-themed events, where players can encounter limited-time monsters and earn unique rewards. Community events often transform popular spots into high-reward zones, encouraging players to participate in collective hunting efforts and reap greater benefits.


2. Biome-specific areas

Forests, deserts, and mountains offer distinct hunting experiences based on their unique environments. Forests are rich in plant-based monsters and natural resources, making them ideal for gathering herbs and other materials. Deserts provide a challenging terrain with heat-adapted monsters that drop rare items, while mountainous regions offer high-altitude hunting with creatures adapted to colder climates and rocky landscapes.

3. Hunting during special events

Hunting during special events is a key aspect of Monster Hunter Now. These events introduce limited-time monsters that are not available in regular gameplay, offering players the chance to collect rare resources and exclusive gear. Participating in these events can significantly enhance a player's inventory and overall hunting capabilities, making it essential to stay informed about upcoming events and their corresponding specialized hunting zones.

Part 4. How to Get to the Best Locations in MH Now Safely?

Reaching the best hunting locations via Monster Hunter Now location spoof can be challenging, especially with recent issues like the Fake GPS malfunctioning after the iOS 17 update. To navigate these challenges safely and efficiently, consider using PoGoSkill MHN Wizard. This tool is designed to help players change their location seamlessly without the risks associated with fake GPS apps.

Key Features of MHN Wizard

  • Safely Engage in Spoofing on Monster Hunter Now.
  • Providing Exclusive Solutions for GPS Signal Issues in Monster Hunter Now.
  • Compatible with All Location Changer Software to Rectify GPS not working in MHN.

Let's dive into a step-by-step guide to Get to the Best Locations in MH Now Safely:

Step 1
Click on the download button provided on the page and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application on your device.
monster hunter now best location
Step 2
Use the PoGoskill Location Spoofer’s interface to select your desired location on the map. This will update your in-game location in Monster Hunter Now.

For subscribers of MHN Wizard, you can use PoGoskill Location Spoofer for free to spoof MH Now.

monster hunter now best location
Step 3
Start Monster Hunter Now and enjoy hunting in your chosen location without the worries of GPS spoofing issues.
monster hunter now best location

Part 5. Active Monster Hunter Now Codes

  • MHNKHEZU: 20 Machalite Ore, 15 Monster Bone+, 15 Earth Crystal, 10 Dragonite Ore.
  • MHNOW15M: 5,000 Zenny, 2 Hunt-a-thon Tickets, 2 Potions.
  • MHN6MA2024: 10,000 Zenny, 3 Wander Droplets, 3 Paintballs.

To redeem these codes:

1. Go to the official Monster Hunter Now redemption offer website.

2. Sign in with your Monster Hunter Now account.

3. Enter the code in the 'Enter Offer Code' textbox.

4. Click the 'Apply' button.

5. Open the Monster Hunter Now app to claim your rewards.

Remember to redeem these codes as soon as possible, as they may expire without notice.


The Monster Hunter Now best locations are key to maximizing your gameplay and gathering resources efficiently. Major cities, urban parks, and specialized event zones offer the most fruitful hunting grounds. To safely and effectively reach these top spots, especially with the recent iOS 17 update issues, PoGoSkill MHN Wizard is an essential tool. With PoGoskill MHN Wizard, you can easily access the best locations in Monster Hunter Now and enhance your hunting experience.

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