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MHN Lucky Lunar New Year Exclusive Weapon Combos [Don't Miss]

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-02-03 / Update for Change Location

The Monster Hunter Now Lucky Lunar New Year event, running from February 1st to 15th, invites hunters to celebrate with exclusive quests and rewards. This limited-time event features three distinct quest types: Fortune Gathering and Hunt-a-thon, which both kick off on February 1st, followed by the Challenge quest starting on February 7th. Each quest offers its own unique challenges and rewards, including the coveted LNY 2024 Dual Blade and Hammer Tickets.

Speaking of which, 20 of these tickets are needed for crafting the event-exclusive Fortune Dragon Fans (Dual Blades) and Lucky Dragon Hammer (Hammer). As such, in this article, we'll guide you through some exclusive tips for effectively using these MHN Lucky Lunar New Year weapons!

Part 1. MHN Lucky Lunar New Year Dual Blades- Fortune Dragon Fans

In the Monster Hunter Now Lucky Lunar New Year event, the Fortune Dragon Fans (Dual Blades) stand out as a melee weapon that combines high mobility with rapid attack sequences. Because of this reason, these blades have quickly become a fan-favorite for hunters in MHN.

monster hunter now lucky lunar new year dual blades

In particular, the Dual Blades shine with their unique Demon Mode which is activated through the special gauge before it reaches full capacity. This mode significantly enhances a hunter's speed and attack power. It transforms dodge rolls into Demon Flurry Rush, an evasive maneuver that simultaneously strikes at foes, perfect for maintaining aggression while avoiding incoming attacks.

However, this power comes at a cost. The stamina gauge which is represented by a yellow bar under the HP indicator depletes during Demon Mode. Once drained, the mode ends, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, here are the best combos for the Fortune Dragon Fans (Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades):

  • Basic Combo: This involves simple, rapid taps on the screen to launch attacks, with your positioning relative to the monster affecting your assault. It's advisable to exploit Demon Mode for its enhanced offensive capabilities.
  • Demon Mode Combo: Activation is straightforward, requiring a press of the Special Skill button. In this mode, your dodges become attacks, blending evasion with offense.
  • Demon Flurry Combo: A high-output attack sequence performed by consistent screen tapping in Demon Mode. It delivers significant damage rapidly but demands caution due to potential vulnerabilities to counterattacks.

Tips for Mastering Fortune Dragon Fans (Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades)

    1.Maintain Proximity and Agility: Given their short range, staying close to your target is crucial. Utilize your agility to dodge attacks effectively and ensure you're always in a position to strike without taking damage.

    2.Strategic Use of Demon Mode: Leverage Demon Mode for enhanced damage and evasion. As told above, this mode transforms your dodge into a strategic evade, allowing for aggressive yet nimble combat maneuvers.

    3.Deploy Heavenly Blade Dance Against Larger Foes: For monsters with greater length, like Rathalos and Anjanath, utilize the Heavenly Blade Dance. Trigger this attack with a full Special Gauge to launch a series of high-damage strikes along the monster's body.

Part 2. MHN Lucky Lunar New Year Hammer- Lucky Dragon Hammer

The Hammer in Monster Hunter Now Lucky Lunar New Year event is renowned for its potent blunt force, capable of stunning and knocking out adversaries with precision strikes to the head, leaving them vulnerable to further assault.

This melee weapon distinguishes itself with the ability to charge attacks, enhancing its damage output. Unlike the Great Sword, the Lucky Dragon Hammer (Monster Hunter Now Hammer) offers the flexibility to move while charging, allowing for strategic positioning aimed at delivering powerful blows to the monster's cranium.

Here are its best combos to use:

  • Normal Attack Combo: This foundational technique permits evasion between attacks, offering a blend of safety and aggression. However, to fully harness the Hammer's potential, integrating charged attacks is recommended.
  • Charged Attack to Basic Attack Combo: Initiated by a level 1 or 2 charged strike, this sequence transitions into a flurry of basic attacks. This combo maximizes stun damage, exploiting the Hammer's unique ability to debilitate foes.

Tips for Mastering Lucky Dragon Hammer (Monster Hunter Now Hammer)

    1.Target the Head: Focusing on the head is crucial with the Hammer, as it specializes in delivering stun damage. Concentrating attacks on this area significantly increases the chance of knocking out the monster, creating opportunities for a concerted attack.

    2.Leverage SP Skills During Enemy Assaults: Utilizing SP Skills amidst an enemy's attack grants temporary invincibility.

    3.Aim SP Skills at the Head: To maximize the Hammer's effectiveness, deploy SP Skills close to the monster's head. This strategy not only boosts damage output but also heightens the probability of inducing stun.

Part 3. How to Cheat Monster Hunter Now to Hunt More Monster

Exploring the vast world of Monster Hunter Now has never been more accessible, thanks to the innovative location spoofer app, PoGoskill. Designed to enhance your gaming experience, PoGoSkill offers a seamless and efficient way to navigate the diverse ecosystems of Monster Hunter Now without ever the need to step outside.

Unlike traditional gaming environments where exploration is limited by physical boundaries, PoGoSkill removes these constraints, allowing players to venture into uncharted territories from the comfort of their homes. It is equipped with advanced features that set it apart from other 3rd-party location spoofing tools.

Just head over to the official PoGoSkill website to download and run this location spoofer app for Monster Hunter Now by following the below steps:

Step 1
Download the setup file and run the installer.
mhn lucky lunar new year weapon pogoskill launch
Step 2
Connect your iOS device to your PC with a data cable.
mhn lucky lunar new year weapon pogoskill connection
Step 3
Choose your spoofing method and click on Start to Modify to begin spoofing your location in Pokémon Go.
mhn lucky lunar new year weapon pogoskill change location


Thanks to the Monster Hunter Now Lucky Lunar New Year event, the Fortune Dragon Fans (Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades) and Lucky Dragon Hammer (Monster Hunter Now Hammer) have undeniably transformed the hunting landscape. These weapons not only offer unique combat strategies but also enrich the player's arsenal with their distinct abilities.

With the innovative PoGoskill location spoofer application, hunters can now traverse the vast expanses of Monster Hunter Now without ever leaving their homes and slay monsters with these MHN Lucky Lunar New Year weapons.

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