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Catching Shiny Chansey in February 2024 Community Day [Easiest Way!]

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-01-31 / Update for Pokemon Android

The latest community event is upon us, so mark your calendars for February 2024 Community Day, when you will have a higher chance of encountering Shiny Chansey. They will appear higher than average in the wild from Feb 4th, 2024, from 2 pm to 5 pm your local time before the Pokemon Go Tour 2024 event.

Don’t mistake the Shiny Chansey for standard Chansey as Shiny is a bit creamy green while the regular Chansey is pink. So, now that you are also excited about this Shiny Chansey Pokemon event, let's start the article and share all the information you need to know.

Part 1. Can You Get a Shiny Chansey in Pokémon Go?

Typically, you can catch the Shiny variant of Chansey during raids, but the chances of them appearing aren’t as high as it is a rare Pokémon. But during the February 2024 Community Day, you will have higher chances of encountering them at special locations.

how to catch shiny chansey in february 2024 community day intro

Furthermore, you will also have other bonuses, such as letting it learn Wild Charge ability, getting more candy, less hatching distance, and much more.

Part 2. How to Catch Shiny Chansey in February 2024 Community Day?

If you love this exciting and first-generation Pokémon, check the Community Day website for the most appropriate locations. During the event, the higher chances of Shiny Chansey appearing will be in 3 famous places in your city or region.

  • Locations activated by Community Ambassador
  • Locations started by Community Leader
  • All the popular parks around the area

You can zoom out to your location and see if these markings are also there. There aren't specific Live Chansey Coordinates other than these for this event. If any of these locations are near you, you are in luck, as you can easily catch these Shiny Pokémon.

how to catch shiny chansey in february 2024 community day live chansey

But what if they aren’t nearby or your city doesn’t even have a location? Many countries worldwide only have one such marking if you see it on the map on the page.In that case, the only solution is to use a reliable and secure Spoofing app to teleport you to that location without walking. PoGoskill, the Pokémon Location Spoofer can help you with that. It is necessary as you will also use it for the Sinnoh tour Pokemon Go 2024 location at the end of Feb.

Best PoGoskill Features:

  • Teleport your character to the Shiny Chansey event
  • location without the need to go there.
  • Most stable spoofer available especially for Pokémon Go!
  • Timely reminders to keep the game timer reduce the chances of getting banned.
  • Virtual thumb stick, auto pathing, walking and running speed, and more.

Next, let's discuss how to catch these Shiny Chansey Pokemon using PoGoskill.

How to Catch Shiny Chansey Using PoGoskill?

Step 1
To use PoGoskill, download the newest version and enable the developer mode on your device.
how to catch shiny chansey in february 2024 community day by pogoskill start
Step 2
Please enter one of the special locations mentioned above and press Start to Modify to teleport there during the Community Event day.
how to catch shiny chansey in february 2024 community day by pogoskill location spoofer
Step 3
Enjoy an immediate special ability upgrade within 5 hours of the catching event.

Part 3. What Does Shiny Chansey Evolve into?

Chansey evolves from Happiny with 25 candies and 15 km of walking. You have to take it during this distance as a Buddy Pokémon. Once you have your Chansey, it requires a bit of love in the form of candies to perform the Shiny Chansey evolution into Blissey.

Walking is simple with it, as you can do it using the Let's Go command, making it happier while holding a Soothe Bell. The only way to get these bells across Paldea is through Delibird Presents shops. Don't forget to increase its happiness by using Protein, taking picnics and baths.

Part 4. FAQs about Shiny Chansey Pokemon Go

1.Do Shinies have a 100% catch rate Pokemon Go?

If you are part of a Raid battle or Team GO Rocket event and find a Shiny Chansey Pokemon, you can catch it after defeating it. As the chances are 100% catch rate, you don’t need to use a Master ball, so don’t waste it. You can also successfully hit it with a Premier Ball to catch it.

2.Is A Shiny Pokémon Rare?

The fact that there is a special event for Shiny Pokémon is the surety of its rarity because the regular ones are pretty common, different in color, and easy to get. Furthermore, according to Niantic, the chances of getting on Shiny Pokémon in the game is 1/500.


While you will see many locations where they will spawn in certain countries during the February 2024 Community Day, it isn’t the same for many others. In those scenarios, the worldwide community feels left out.

For these reasons, gamers and fans turn to spoofing apps but get banned due to unreliable ones. So we recommend you download and try PoGoskill for the best and safest chances of attending these events.

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