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Best Pokemon Go Coordinates for Rare, Shiny Pokemon and Raids

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-05-27 / Update for Pokemon iOS

The relevance of knowing the best Pokemon Go coordinates cannot be understated. Whether it's participating in a global event or simply seeking to enhance one's collection, being armed with a list of live Pokémon coordinates gives trainers a competitive edge. For the fervent Pokémon Go enthusiast, this knowledge equates to increased in-game success and a more enriched gaming experience. In 2024, it is crucial to pinpoint coordinates for Pokémon hunting. Regular updates to spawn points and nests make keeping up with the latest information essential for successful captures.

Part 1. Best Coordinates Pokemon Go for Rare Pokemon

Searching for rare Pokemon can be an exciting venture with the right coordinates in hand. These specific global hotspots are not only teeming with rare Pokemon but also provide ample Pokestops, gym battles, and sometimes, exclusive events that enhance the gaming experience of any avid Pokemon Go player.

1. Dratini in Pier 39, San Francisco, USA

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 37.8087° N, 122.4101° W

Pier 39 is famed for its abundance of Dratini, a rare and sought-after Dragon-type Pokemon. Players can relish in the serendipity of multiple Pokestops and the high spawn rate of this elusive creature amidst the bustling backdrop of San Francisco's iconic waterfront.

pokemon go coordinates p1s1

2. Chansey in Disneyland, California, USA

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 33.8121° N, 117.9190° W

Disneyland, a magical place of wonder and joy, is also the place where players have a better chance of encountering the rare Normal-type Pokemon, Chansey. This locale promises not just a fairy-tale setting but also an ample number of gyms for trainer battles and Pokestops to stock up on supplies.

pokemon go coordinates p1s2

3. Mr. Mime in Big Ben, London, UK

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 51.5007° N, 0.1246° W

In the shadow of London's Big Ben, trainers can find the region-exclusive Mr. Mime, drawing players from all over to this iconic timepiece. Aside from being a cultural landmark, the area is bustling with in-game activity and a healthy density of Pokestops.

pokemon go coordinates p1s3

4. Kangaskhan in Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 33.8568° S, 151.2153° E

Lastly, the scenic Sydney Opera House is not just an architectural marvel but also a prime spot for catching the Aussie exclusive, Kangaskhan. The area's grid is dotted with Pokestops and gyms, facilitating both the hunt for Kangaskhan and the opportunity for trainers to compete and collaborate.

pokemon go coordinates p1s4

Part 2. Best Coordinates Pokemon Go for Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best locations that increase their chances of capturing these rare variants. The following cities boast an abundance of gyms, Pokestops, and special events that make them hotspots for encountering Shiny Pokemon.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 35.6895° N, 139.6917° E

Tokyo is a metropolitan hub for Pokemon Go players, teeming with Pokestops and gyms. Spots like Shibuya Crossing and Ueno Park frequently host events where the elusive Shiny Pokemon can be caught.

pokemon go coordinates p2s1

2. Paris, France

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 48.8615° N, 2.2893° E

The romantic city of Paris not only offers a picturesque backdrop for players but also serves as a fertile ground for Shiny Pokemon hunting. The Eiffel Tower area is a particularly rich area with a high density of Pokestops.

pokemon go coordinates p2s2

3. New York, USA

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 40.7128° N, 74.0060° W

New York's sprawling cityscape is a treasure trove for players seeking Shiny Pokemon. Central Park is known for its excellent spawn rates, making it a favorite spot for serious collectors.

pokemon go coordinates p2s3

4. Berlin, Germany

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 52.5200° N, 13.4050° E

In Berlin, locations such as the Brandenburg Gate are not only iconic landmarks but are also packed with Pokestops and gyms. This city is known for frequent community events where Shiny Pokemon appearances are boosted.

pokemon go coordinates p2s4

Part 3. Best Coordinates Pokemon Go for Raids

For Pokemon Go enthusiasts looking to enhance their raid experience, certain global coordinates stand out as prime hotspots. Known for their abundance of gyms, Pokestops, and frequent special events, these locations are ideal for encountering rare Pokemon and completing raids.

1. Larvitar in Santa Monica, USA

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 34.0092° N, 118.4975° W

Santa Monica is a haven for Pokemon Go players, offering numerous raids and the chance to catch the rock-skin Pokemon, Larvitar. The bustling beachfront city boasts a high density of stops and gyms ideal for community events.

pokemon go coordinates p3s1
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2. Magikarp in Odaiba, Japan

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 35.6295° N, 139.7782° E

Odaiba, located in Tokyo Bay, provides an exceptional experience for finding Magikarp, especially during water-related events. Players can benefit from a multitude of Pokestops and gyms scattered around this scenic entertainment district.

pokemon go coordinates p3s2

3. Pikachu in Harbour City, Hong Kong

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 22.2965° N, 114.1705° E

In the heart of Hong Kong, Harbour City emerges as a Pokemon Go hotspot, especially for Pikachu enthusiasts. This massive shopping center not only attracts tourists but also special Pokemon spawns.

pokemon go coordinates p3s3

4. Charmander in Navy Pier, Chicago, USA

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 41.8917° N, 87.6086° W

Chicago's Navy Pier is a prime location for finding the beloved flame-tail Pokemon, Charmander. With its array of attractions and events, the pier is a festive place for players to conduct raids and fill their Pokedexes.

pokemon go coordinates p3s4

5. Barboach in Han River, Seoul, South Korea

Live Coordinates for Pokemon Go: 37.5326° N, 127.0246° E

Along the banks of the Han River in Seoul, Pokemon Go raiders can encounter the water and ground type, Barboach. The riverside area is known for its plentiful raids and is a preferred spot for catching various Pokemon during community days.

pokemon go coordinates p3s5

Tips: Teleport to Best Pokemon Go Coordinates in Clicks

For Pokémon GO trainers aiming to catch rare Pokémon, battle in exotic gyms, or participate in unique events, the ability to teleport to specific coordinates instantly is invaluable. PoGoskill Pokemon Go Spoofer provides this functionality with a user-friendly interface and robust features, allowing trainers to explore the world of Pokémon GO without leaving their homes. Here’s how PoGoskill can enhance your Pokémon GO experience and the steps to start using it efficiently.

Main Features of PoGoskill:

  • Precise Teleportation: This is perfect for reaching Pokémon nests, raid locations, or gyms that are not within your physical reach.
  • Flexible GPS Simulation: This allows for a smoother experience that mimics walking, cycling, or driving speeds, adding realism to your virtual travels.
  • Cooldown Timer: PoGoskill includes a cooldown timer that advises when it's safe to change locations again. This helps in managing frequent location changes more responsibly.

Getting Started with PoGoskill

Step 1
Launch the application on your PC or Mac and hit the “Start” button.
pokemon go coordinates pogoskill pokemon go spoofer
Step 2
Use a USB data cable for a stable connection, which is recommended, or connect via Wi-Fi for iOS devices.
pokemon go coordinates pogoskill pokemon go spoofer
Step 3
Enter the desired coordinates you wish to teleport to in the interface, or choose from saved favorites and historical records.
pokemon go coordinates pogoskill change location

Using PoGoskill, trainers can now enjoy a global Pokémon hunting experience, participate in international events, and enhance their gameplay by accessing locations that were previously out of reach.


In the world of Pokémon Go, having access to the best Pokémon Go coordinates significantly enhances the gameplay experience, allowing players to strategically locate and capture rare Pokémon. Tools like PoGoskill are essential for trainers looking to teleport virtually to these high-opportunity locations with ease. By enabling precise, on-demand GPS spoofing, PoGoskill opens up a world of possibilities, from participating in exclusive events to completing specific in-game challenges.

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