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How to Evolve Primeape in Pokemon Go 2024?

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-02-03 / Update for Pokemon Android

While Pokemon Go has a collection of characters available, Primeape holds a special place in the hearts of players as a powerful fighting-type Pokémon from the Kanto region. Boasting strong combat abilities and an aggressive nature, the character evolves after being fed 50 candies to Mankey. Now, you might be wondering, but how to evolve Primeape in Pokemon Go to up my gameplay even further? Well, read on for a detailed guide.

Part 1. Basic Info of Primeape Pokemon Go

Primeape Pokemon Go Moveset

If you want to leave your opponents in the dust and experience promising gameplay, all you need to do is equip your character with the best Primeape Pokemon Go Moveset. While the game has lots of move combinations to choose from, one favorite choice among trainers for Primeape is Close Combat and Counter.

how to evolve primeape in pokemon go intro

These moves provide a great blend of damage output and energy, with Close Combat dishing out 52.2 damage per second (DPS) and Counter contributing 16 DPS. Plus, Cross Chop is another worthwhile option with 40 DPS. When opting for battles, remember Primeape performs great against specific Pokemon, including Dark, Steel, Rock, Ice, and Normal types.

For trainers who want to explore other move sets, here is a list of all options (Primeape):

Quick Moves

  • Low Kick
  • Karate Chop
  • Counter

Main Moves

  • Low Sweep
  • Cross Chop
  • Ice Punch
  • Night Slash
  • Close Combat

Primeape in Pokemon Go PVP

In Pokemon Go PVP battles, Primeape performs decent but not exceptional, especially when it comes to special cups. In the Great League, where lower CP Pokémon compete, Primeape doesn’t quite measure up to top fighters like Scrafty and Medicham. These two have additional typings and moves like Power-up Punch, making them better suited for longer battles, which are common in this league due to strong Steel-type defenders.

how to evolve primeape in pokemon go pvp

Even in the Ultra League, where stronger Pokémon battle, Primeape struggles due to its limited moveset. It’s overshadowed by other fighters like Machamp, which has access to moves like Rock Slide that offer better coverage and damage potential.

For those who want to use Primeape in Pokemon Go PVP battles, it is recommended to choose top-performing movesets for better results. These include Counter, Night Slash, and Counter (swapping Night Slash by Close Combat can provide better damage in some cases).

Primeape weakness Pokemon Go

Since Primeape is a fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, it naturally falls short against certain characters. So, when it comes to Primeape weakness Pokemon Go, the main names include Psychic, Fairy, and Flying-type moves. This means when it faces Pokémon that use these types of moves, it takes double the damage compared to other types of attacks.

Part 2. How to Evolve Primeape Pokemon Go?

If you’re thinking about how to evolve Primeape in Pokemon Go, the first step is catching one. You can usually find Primeape around level 20 to the west of the main city with the help of PoGoskill. Once you’ve caught it, you’ll need to train it up by battling other Pokémon.

When Primeape reaches level 35, it learns a move called Rage Fist, which is the secret sauce for Primeape evolution Pokemon Go. After you learn the move, you have to make your Primeape use the move 20 times, either by battling low-level Pokemon or by fighting against Pokemon that are not affected by Rage Fist.

After you’ve used Rage Fist 20 times, level up once, and your age-old Primeape will evolve into Annihilape. For those who cannot wait to level it up, you can also find Annihilape in 5-star and 6-star raids. Haven’t unlocked these raids yet? Here’s how you can do it in no time.

Participate In Exclusive Raids & Earn Rare Pokemon with PoGoSkill

As one of the best Pokemon Go GPS spoofers available on the market today, PoGoskill fuels your gameplay with adventure and thrill. Allowing players to simulate their GPS location, this tool is all about traveling to exotic lands and catching rare Pokemon without lifting a foot (physically moving).

Plus, PoGoSkill lets trainers participate in raids and access in-game resources from the comfort of their homes – making it a go-to for those who have limitations in physical movement.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Moving Speed: Provides options to simulate various speeds, such as walking, cycling, and driving, for a more realistic gaming experience.
  • Import/Export GPX Files: Enables players to import/export GPX files for custom routes effortlessly. This enhances route planning and exploration in Pokemon Go.
  • Cooldown Timer: Reminds players to avoid frequent GPS location changes, helping them avoid penalties in the game.
  • Teleport Mode: Instantly move to different coordinates to encounter and catch rare and region-exclusive Pokémon.
  • Multi-Device Control: Allows simultaneous location changes for up to 15 iOS/Android devices, providing flexibility for players with multiple devices.

Get started with PoGoSkill by the following steps.

Step 1
Download the software on your computer and click Start.
how to evolve primeape in pokemon go pogoskill start
Step 2
Conect the devices to your computer, and enable the developer mode from your phone’s settings.
how to evolve primeape in pokemon go pogoskill connect
Step 3
Now, you can input the exact Pokemon Go coordinates, and then click Start to Modify to enjoy your tour.
how to evolve primeape in pokemon go pogoskill change location

Part 3. How to Evolve Primeape Without Leaving Home?

To evolve Primeape shiny Pokemon Go into Annihilape; one needs to defeat 30 Ghost or Physic-type Pokemon while Primeape is their buddy. Sounds a little overwhelming, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a way you can evolve Primeape without leaving the house — all by using the training feature of GBL (Global Battle League) in Pokemon Go. Here’s how to do this:

    1.Save a Master League battle party using these combinations:

    a.Earthquake and Groudon

    b.Discharge and Jolteon

    2.Scroll down to the training option in the battle menu and select Blanche as the trainer – then choose the Master League

    3.Use Jolteon to defeat Suicine

    4.Use Groudon to defeat a psychic-type Pokemon, aka Metagross

    5.Surrender battles against irrelevant opponents like Articuno to save time

    6.Repeat the steps (1-5) until you have defeated 30 Ghost or Psychic-type Pokemon

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Final Thoughts

Primeape evolution Pokemon Go transforms it into the mighty character with an armor-like build: Annihilape. But how to evolve Primeape Pokemon Go? Well, the process requires a mix of patience and strategy — catch Primeape, train it up to level 35, use the move Rage Fist, and evolve your character. Contrary to the standard route, you can also catch the elusive Annihilape by participating in exclusive 5-star and 6-star raids. And for those who don’t have access to these raids yet, download PoGoskill, an all-in-one GPS spoofer that lets trainers travel to the best coordinates for raid battles.

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