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Troubleshooting Your Pokemon GO Fest Ticket Not Showing Up!

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-06-25 / Update for Pokemon iOS

Pokémon Go Fest is just a couple of months away, and trainers from all over the world who have bought the tickets are getting ready. This event will be a once-a-year mega event for Pokémon Go. Amid all the excitement and preparations, a minor issue is frustrating the trainers. The Pokemon Go Fest ticket not showing up is causing distress, but the good thing is that Niantic Games knows and acknowledges it. In the meantime, if you are also preparing for Pokemon Go Fest 2024, here are some quick solutions you can try.

pokemon go fest ticket not showing up

Part 1. The Importance of Pokemon Go Fest Tickets

If you have bought the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 tickets, they have many benefits and functions. Here is an overview of why they are crucial for the event.

  • The access to Challange Arena with global players.
  • Increase chances of finding and capturing many shiny Pokémon, including Unknown M debut.
  • Many rewards, such as Rare Candy, Free Raid passes, Stardust, and more.
  • Special raids.

Part 2. Why Your Pokémon Go Fest Ticket May Not Be Showing Up?

There can be a few reasons behind Pokemon Go Fest ticket not showing up, such as:

1. Incomplete Purchase Or Payment Process

There can be some issues with payment processing, either on your end or Niantic's. So check your bank app or email to see if the transaction is made. Sometimes, it might take a few days to process, and the time isn't up yet.

2. Device Technical Glitches

Due to a new update, the Pokemon Go Fest ticket not showing up, and either you may need to update, or Niantic Games will need to push a hotfix.

3. Game Updates Or Server Issues

Due to so many people buying Pokemon Go Fest 2024 tickets and other investigations, the servers are overloaded. As soon as the load subsides, a new update can be sent out for the fix.

4. Ticket Not Yet Activated

You may still need to activate the tickets you bought. So, wait for a fix before activating them.

Part 3. How to Fix Pokémon Go Fest Ticket May Not Be Showing Up?

While Niantic Games is working on the Pokemon Go Fest ticket not showing up as an issue, here are some steps you can take to alleviate your problem.

1. Verifying Purchase History

Check your bank app and email client to see if they show a successful transaction. If both show your purchase history, then move to the next steps.

2. Checking Device Compatibility And Updates

Please visit the official Pokémon Go page and see the minimum requirements for playing the game. Make sure you have a suitable minimum mobile device, the latest Android or iOS OS, and the game is updated.

Some Android devices may have received the update a bit late. In that case, you can download the updated APK from a third-party store.

3. Restarting the Pokémon Go App

Force-close and restart the Pokémon Go app. If this still doesn't solve the issue of the Pokemon Go Fest ticket not showing up, restart your phone.

4. Ensuring Stable Internet Connection

Make sure you are using a good internet connection. To check the stability of your internet, do an internet speed test and see if everything is ok.

5. Contacting Pokémon Go Support

Go to the help setting of your Pokémon Go app and send a request to resolve the issue or raise a ticket. Wait for the reply and see how you can fix this issue.

Part 4. How to Play Pokemon Go Fest 2024 without Moving?

Once all the issues are resolved and you are ready for the Pokemon Go Fest 2024, did you know that you don't have to be there physically? Yes, with the help of PoGoskill, you can participate in all the events without moving. How is that possible? Let's find out, but first, here are some of the best features.

Best PoGoskill Features

  • 1 click activation of location change and spoofing.
  • No jailbreak or root is needed for any Pokémon Event.
  • The best features are a stable GPS, a fantastic virtual joystick, and tons more quality features.

How to Use PoGoskill for Pokemon Go Fest 2024?

Please follow these easy steps to get the best benefits.

Step 1
After you download and install PoGoskill, run the app and press the Start button to start spoofing.
pokemon go fest ticket not showing up
Step 2
Connect your device to the computer via a cable and wait for any updates to install.
pokemon go fest ticket not showing up
Step 3
Enter the desired address, like Sentai, Madrid, etc., where the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 is taking place.
pokemon go fest ticket not showing up

Tired of that pesky location error in Pokemon Go? Please contact customer service if you're a paid subscriber to PoGoskill for the free PoGo Wizard which is exclusively designed to fix Pokemon Go location errors. Remember: cooldown rules are still a thing, so don't go too crazy or you might end up grounded by the game!


There are some typical reasons for a Pokemon Go Fest ticket not showing up, and we discussed some of them in detail. Based on experience and guidance from Niantic Games, we also shared some of the easy fixes to resolve this issue. Still, there is hope that those who cannot be at the location will enjoy all the fun activities that will happen during these event days. In that case, you can explore all the events and locations if you can teleport there without hassle. PoGoskill has the capacity and stability to spoof your location without worrying about getting banned.

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