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How to Find PokéStops Near Me?

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-07-03 / Update for Pokemon iOS

PokeStops are special locations on your Pokemon Go map that let you collect important items. But the thing is that these PokeStops only become accessible once you are close enough to them on the map. While they are usually found near prominent locations and historical markers it is still not easy to find PokeStops. You may end up spending a lot more time than you should searching for these hidden treasures. To make your search for PokeStops a lot easier we have created this helpful article that covers all the apps designed to locate PokeStops. Keep reading to learn more about the best PokeStops Near Me apps.

Part 1. What is PokeStops?

PokeStops as explained above are special locations scattered across the Pokemon Go map that let you access all the items you need to progress in the game. These special locations are marked on the map as blue icons and once you are close to them they appear automatically on your Pokemon Go map.

pokestops near me

Once discovered you can walk towards a PokeStop and interact with it by taping on it. When the PokeStop is active swipe left or right on it to spin the Photo Disc and the PokeStop will drop items that you can collect. A PokeStop turns purple after it has been used and it takes some time until you can use it again. If you discover a PokeStop nearby you can keep collecting items from it every 5 minutes and stock up your inventory.

The goal of PokeStops is to get players to walk more discover prominent locations in their cities and earn rewards from PokeStops in the process.

Part 2. How Do I Find PokeStops Near Me?

There are many apps that can give you the exact location of PokeStops and help you find the best PokeStops near you. If you find a good PokeStops map you can save a lot of time and jump straight into collecting rewards. Here are the best PokeStops near me apps that can help make your life a lot easier:

1. Pokémon Go In-Game Map

Pokemon Go In Game Map is the official way to find PokeStops although it takes some time to find enough PokeStops. Once you discover a PokeStop on the map it will be accessible at the same location and you can farm a lot of items from it.

pokestops near me
Key features of the Pokemon Go In-Game Map
  • The official way to find PokeStops
  • Works every time
  • Easy to understand
To find PokeStops using Pokemon Go In Game Map you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Go to the Map view in the Pokemon Go official app and walk around with your Pokemon Go app open.

Step 2. Look for Blue Icons that look like Google location pins but in blue colour.

Step 3. Get close enough to the PokeStop to trigger interaction.

2. PoGoskill PokeStops & Gym Scan

PoGoskill is a location spoofing app that comes with a convenient feature called PokeStops & Gym scan. But the great thing about this tool is that not only does it help you locate PokeStops but it can also help you move to the PokeStop’s location without having to walk in real life. So you can collect an unlimited number of PokeStops by simply scanning and moving to the Stop’s location using PoGoskill Pokemon Go Spoofer.

Key Features:

  • Doesn’t require you to jailbreak your phone or download any modded apps.
  • Fully compatible with Pokemon Go.
  • Simple and easy operation.
  • No load on your phone since it runs on PC.

Here are the steps to find PokeStops using PoGoskill software:

Step 1
Install and launch PoGoskill

Download and install PoGoskill on your PC from the official website and launch it.

pokestops near me
Step 2
Connect your device to the computer

Once the map loads up on the PoGoskill screen simply select the second option from the location-changing modes available on the lower right corner of the screen. This will be the Pokestop scanner mode.

pokestops near me
Step 3
Choose a location and wait for PoGoskill to finish scanning for PokeStops near your desired location. Now simply select a route and click on Start to Move and your in-game character will start walking along the selected path to discover PokeStops.
pokestops near me
Are you annoyed with the Pokemon Go Failed to detect location 12 error? PoGo Wizard comes to the rescue!

3. PokeHunter

PokeHunter is a dedicated map that tells users about the location of various spots in Pokemon Go. You can use it to scan for PokeStops and find them easily by skipping the searching part. This map only provides PokeStop locations in limited areas including Lithuania, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and California.

pokestops near me
Key Features
  • Real-time location of PokeStops
  • Free to use
  • Accurate PokeStop location
Steps to using PokeHunter

Step 1. Go to the PokeHunter official website and select your location from the available areas.

Step 2. Wait for the PokeStop location to load up.

Step 3. Select the PokeStops that appear near you can walk to their location to collect items.

4. PogoMap.Info

PogoMap.Infor is another map that lets Pokemon Go players find the location of the PokeStops around them. You can easily find PokeStops using this helpful online map.

pokestops near me
Key Features
  • Comprehensive map
  • Covers many areas and cities
  • Accurate PokeStop locations
Steps to use PoGoMap

Step 1. Go to the PoGoMap website and select a location from the 23 viewable locations.

Step 2. You can also click on settings to get information on PokeStop first.

Step 3. Note the PokeStops near you and collect items easily.

5. The Silph Road

The Siph Road used to be a great resource for finding PokeStops but it has since been closed down after being available for 7 years.

pokestops near me

Part 3. Tips for Maximizing PokéStop Visits

There are ways you can maximize PokeStop visits and get the most out of each visit. Here are the tips you can follow:

Tip 1. Daily Spin Bonus

Daily Spin Bonus is a great way to maximize the benefits of PokeStops. This benefit is applied to the first PokeStop you visit on that day. The Daily Spin bonus gives you 500 XP and extra Poké Balls, Potions, and/or other items. If you keep visiting a PokeStop for 7 days in a row you will get 2500 XP and extra items for maintaining the streak.

Tip 2. Using Lure Modules

You can use a Lure Module at a PokeStop to attract a certain type of Pokemon to the PokeStop and capture them easily. Each lure attracts a specific type of Pokemon and here are all the different types of Lures you can apply at PokeStops:

  • Glacial Lure Module
  • Mossy Lure Module
  • Magnetic Lure Module
  • Rainy Lure Module
  • Golden Lure Module

Tip 3. Optimal Routes

Since walking is a major part of playing Pokemon Go it is important to plan your routes to maximize the chances of finding PokeStops. Since PokeStops spawn close to historical markers, monuments, art installations, and churches you should plan your route so that it passes these locations in your area.


Finding the best PokeStops near me can be challenging if you don’t have some help. Luckily there are many ways to help you find PokeStops near you but if you want to make the process of finding and collecting PokeStop items easy then PoGoskill Pokemon Go Spoofer is the tool for you. It not only helps you find PokeStops but also takes you to the location of the PokeStop without moving a muscle. So try it out today because it is free to download.

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