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Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Shiny Comparison: Which Sparkles & How to Get Them?

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-06-25 / Update for Pokemon iOS

At Pokémon GO Fest 2024, expect to find shinies like Shiny Emolga, Shiny Xurkitree, and Shiny Necrozma in specific habitats. The event boosts the shiny rate Pokemon Go, enhancing your chances of encountering these rare Pokémon. Special bonuses, such as extended lure durations and increased special trades, further improve the fest experience. Let's dive into the details of the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Shiny Comparison.

pokemon go fest 2024 shiny comparison

Part 1. Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Sparkles with Shiny Pokemon!

Get ready, trainers! Pokemon GO Fest 2024 is electrifying the world with a wave of new Shining Pokemon Go. Here's what awaits you:

Shiny Spotlight Across the Globe

The global Pokemon GO Fest event features one dazzling Shiny Pokemon debut. But that's not all! Trainers attending in-person events around the world will have the chance to encounter an additional Shiny Pokemon unique to their location, making this year's Fest more exciting than ever.

Boosted Shiny Odds Pokemon Go

Here's the best part - encountering these Shiny Pokemon is much more likely during the Fest! Typically, finding a Shiny Pokemon is a rare feat, with a base encounter rate of around 1 in 500. But during Pokemon GO Fest 2024, those odds significantly improved! For certain Pokemon encountered at in-person events, the shiny rate Pokemon Go jumps to approximately 1 in 50. For the global event, the Shiny rate gets another boost, landing somewhere between 1 in 150 and 1 in 250.

Strategic Hunting Still Key

While the odds are definitely in your favor, don't forget that Shiny Pokemon can still be elusive. Remember, some Pokemon have habitat preferences, so focus your search on areas where they're more likely to spawn.

This year's Pokemon GO Fest promises to be a goldmine for Shiny Hunters! With multiple Shiny debuts, boosted encounter rates, and worldwide festivities, it's the perfect time to add some sparkle to your Pokemon GO collection. So, grab your gear, and trainers, and get ready to hunt!

Part 2. Unveiling the Shiny Pokemon Debut of Pokemon GO Fest 2024

At Pokémon GO Fest 2024, a lineup of special shiny Pokémon will appear in the wild and raids, making it a highly anticipated event for trainers worldwide. With enhanced shiny odds Pokemon Go, trainers have a better chance of encountering these rare Pokémon.

  • Sendai Event: Trainers can look forward to encountering Shiny Xurkitree for the first time.
  • Madrid Event: The spotlight will be on Shiny Pheromosa.
  • New York City Event: Trainers will have the chance to catch Shiny Buzzwole.
  • Global Event: Shiny Jangmo-o will be featured, alongside the three location-specific shinies.

This event offers an exciting opportunity to add these rare and shining Pokémon to your collection.

1. Special Pokemon in Wild Encounters & Raid Battles

Check out the Shiny Transformations! Here are some of the new Shiny Pokemon you can encounter:

Pokemon Norm Shiny Type Weaknesses Notable Attacks
shiny marshadow
Ghost/Fighting Ghost/Psychic/ Flying/Fairy Spectral Thief/Shadow Ball
shiny marshadow
shiny pokemon Necrozma
Psychic Bug/Ghost/Dark Prismatic Laser/Photon Geyser
shiny umbreon
shiny umbreon
Dark Bug/Fairy/Fighting Foul Play/Last Resort
shiny espeon
shiny espeon
Psychic Bug/Ghost/Dark Psybeam/Future Sight
shiny klefki
shiny klefki
Fairy/Steel Ground/Fire Play Rough/Flash Cannon
shiny jangmo-o
shiny jangmo-o
Dragon Ice/Dragon/Fairy Dragon Claw/Sky Uppercut
shiny nihilego
shiny nihilegon
Rock/Poison Water/Psychic/Steel/Ground Sludge Bomb/Rock Slide
shiny buzzwole
shiny buzzwolen
Bug/Fighting Fire/Flying/Psychic/Fairy Lunge/Superpower
shiny pheromosa
shiny pheromosa
Bug/Fighting Fire/Flying/Psychic/Fairy Bug Buzz/Focus Blast
shiny xurkitree
shiny xurkitree
Electric Ground Thunderbolt/Discharge
shiny celesteela
shiny celesteela
Steel/Flying Fire/Electric Heavy Slam/Air Slash
shiny kartana
shiny kartana
Grass/Steel Fire/Fighting Leaf Blade/Night Slash
shiny guzzlord
shiny guzzlord
Dark/Dragon Fighting/Bug/Fairy/Ice/Dragon Dragon Tail/Dark Pulse
shiny emolga
shiny emolga
Electric/Flying Rock/Ice Volt Switch/Aerial Ace

2. Pokemon GO Fest Global: Unveiling the Incense Encounters

Get ready, Trainers! Pokemon GO Fest 2024 unleashes a wave of the rarest Shiny Pokemon ever, thanks to boosted global incense odds! Here's a glimpse at these dazzling new Shinies you can encounter throughout the Fest!

Pokemon Norm Shiny Type Weaknesses Notable Attacks
shiny maractus
shiny maractus
Grass Fire/Ice/Poison/Flying/Bug Pin Missile/Solar Beam
shiny corsola
shiny corsola
Water/Rock Grass/Electric/Fighting/Ground Bubble Beam/Power Gem
shiny rockruff
shiny rockruff
Rock Water/Grass/Fighting/Ground/Steel Rock Throw/Crunch
shiny vullaby
shiny vullaby
Dark/Flying Electric/Ice/Rock/Fairy Foul Play/Air Slash
shiny unown
shiny unown
Psychic Bug/Ghost/Dark Hidden Power

Part 3. Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Gear Up for Global Adventures!

Get ready to travel the globe, Trainers! Pokemon GO Fest 2024 explodes across exciting locations, each offering unique activities and a chance to snag rare Shiny Pokemon with boosted Fest odds!

Location Dates Time
Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Sendai, Japan May 30 - June 2 9:30 JST to 18:30 JST
Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Madrid, Spain June 14 - June 16 9:00 CEST to 19:00 CEST
Pokemon GO Fest 2024:NYC, USA July 5 - July 7 9:00 ET to 19:00 ET
Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Global July 13 - July 14 10:00 to 18:00 Local Time

Calling all Trainers! Pokemon GO Fest 2024 ignites across the globe with unique experiences tailored to each city. Prepare for a festival of Pokemon encounters, special bonuses, and – most importantly – boosted chances to catch those elusive Shiny Pokemon!

Even if you can't travel, the global event offers exciting bonuses and the opportunity to snag Shiny Pokemon from the comfort of your neighborhood.

So, whether you're attending a live event or joining the global celebration, Pokemon GO Fest 2024 promises a thrilling adventure for all. Gear up, Trainers, and get ready to maximize your Shiny odds in Pokemon Go!

Part 4. Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Strategies to Increase Your Shiny Odds

Maximize your chances of encountering shiny Pokémon at Pokémon GO Fest 2024 by using PoGoskill, a powerful tool designed to enhance your gameplay experience. PoGoskill offers several features that make it easier to find and catch rare Pokémon.

Main Features of PoGoSkill

  • Easily change your location to participate in events and raids anywhere in the world, giving you access to more shiny Pokémon opportunities.
  • Seamlessly join and organize raids with other trainers, boosting your chances of successfully defeating raid bosses.
  • Get real-time notifications about upcoming events and shiny Pokémon spawns, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

To begin your electrifying chase with your newfound companion, PoGoSkill, follow these download steps:
Step 1
Navigate to the 'Download' button and click on it. After that, click Start on your device.
pokemon go fest 2024 shiny comparison
Step 2
Open PoGoSkill and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.
pokemon go fest 2024 shiny comparison
Step 3
Input your desired location or choose from a list of Pokémon hotspots available.
pokemon go fest 2024 shiny comparison

Tired of that pesky location error in Pokemon Go? Please contact customer service if you're a paid subscriber to PoGoskill for the free PoGo Wizard which is exclusively designed to fix Pokemon Go location errors. Remember: cooldown rules are still a thing, so don't go too crazy or you might end up grounded by the game!


The Pokémon GO Fest 2024 promises an exhilarating experience for trainers globally. This worldwide event offers an increased chance to capture unique, shiny Pokémon in varied locales - Sendai, Madrid, NYC, or from the comfort of your home. Enhanced Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Shiny Comparison odds set the stage for more exciting Pokémon encounters. To ignite your experience from home, PoGoskill provides an opportunity for GPS location spoofing, immersing you in the virtual festivity.

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