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Everything You Need to Know About Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Tickets

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-05-30 / Update for Pokemon iOS

The biggest Pokémon Go event is back, Fest 2024, with more things to do, a new special and unique Pokémon Debut, and an exclusive Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket variety. Choose your time and enjoy catching Pokemons in Randall's Island Park or roaming around New York City to experience exclusive events. So, what events are available to you if you purchase a Go Fest ticket on different dates, and what extra Pokemon Festival ticket add-ons can you experience? Continue reading to find out now!

Part 1. Is the Paid Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Ticket Worth it?

First of all, there hasn't been an event this big and in multiple cities for any other game. So that is a big win for fans of Pokémon Go and the franchise as a whole. Now, the worth of $30 for the tickets Pokemon Go Fest is subjective based on the following factors that can help you decide.

pokemon go fest ticket

1. What the Paid Pokemon Go Fest Ticket Offers:

  • Morning ticket holders will participate in Island Park in the morning and roam the city later that day, while the opposite is true for Afternoon tickets.
  • A Raid Lover ticket gives you more free Raid Passes, additional experience, additional candy for catching Pokémon, and more.Set routes and auto-walk virtually
  • Egg-thusiasts will allow 1/4 hatch distance, more stardust, experience, and candy etc.
  • Citywide Gameplay will further increase city roaming days.
  • Many physical rewards.

2. Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Location:

The second important aspect of the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket is that you also have the option to buy the global ticket if you cannot physically be at the location. The only difference is that you cannot participate in real-life events, while the rest will be the same.

Pokemon Go coordinates of Go Fest 2024:

  • Sendai, Japan: 38.2576° N, 140.8667° E
  • Madrid, Spain: 40.4601° N, 3.6060° W
  • New York City, USA: 40.7968° N, -73.9221° W

3. Something else determining if the ticket is right for you

  • Do you prioritize catching Marshadow? If catching Marshadow is essential, the ticket is your only confirmed option.
  • Do you enjoy increased spawns and Raid variety? If you enjoy encountering a wider range of Pokemon and participating in special Raids, the ticket offers more exciting options.
  • Would you miss the in-person experience? If being part of the real-world Pokemon GO Fest 2024 event is crucial for you, the global ticket won't offer that element.

Part 2. Pokemon Go Fest Ticket Not Showing Up?

Do Go Fest tickets not show up in game anymore?

I had to try over and over to confirm a ticket for Sendai, and finally, I got a confirmation email, so I'm pretty sure I'm in. It used to be that tickets for these events would show up somewhere in the game - I think in the Events tab. But now, the "upcoming events" only have Bug Out and Mega Heracross Raid Day. Is there somewhere else I should look?

pokemon go fest ticket not showing up

There have been many instances where the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket didn’t show up in past events as well, but it was primarily due to bugs. Nonetheless, before you wait for the bugs to be fixed, here is what you should do to resolve the issue.

1. Check the Confirmation Email and Purchase Details

If you have received a confirmation email detailing all the purchase details after you have purchased the Go Fest ticket, then there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes, the app takes time to update, or confirmation for the app is slowly rolling out.

2. Restart the Pokémon GO App

To remove old information, force close the app and restart it. Sometimes, clearing the cache from Settings can also do the trick.

3. Check for Updates

Before going live, a new update rolls out. If you have already purchased and received a confirmation email, you should wait for a new update. This can efficiently resolve the issue.

4.Contact Niantic Support

If troubleshooting the methods for the Pokemon Festival ticket not showing doesn't resolve the issue, you should immediately contact support. Share all the information, such as email, game ID, purchase confirmation email, etc., with Niantic Support to raise a ticket to resolve the issue.

Part 3. How to Play Pokemon Go Fest Anywhere?

We discussed a few critical reasons why the tickets Pokemon Go Fest 2024 are worth it. If you think they are too expensive, on top of traveling to the location, then you have another option to access exclusive content.

PoGoskill Pokémon Go Spoofer is the best app for masking your IP location and teleporting your in-game character to Randall’s Island Park. The app masks your location and teleports you to the event so you can experience this mega event without setting foot outside your home.

More about PoGoSkill:

  • Why go to Island Park and other event locations if you can experience hunting right from home?
  • With simple-to-follow steps, you can be in Japan or Spain by spoofing your location and hunting the same exclusive monsters.
  • The best in-built joystick in the market to walk, run, change speed, and more while exploring what the Pokémon Go Fest event has to offer.
  • All location apps can be spoofed with PoGoskill.

How to Use the Pokemon Go Spoofer PoGoskill?

Step 1
Following the download of the Pokemon Go Spoofing tool, PoGoskill, proceed to its installation and initialization. Click the 'Start' button located on its home screen.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 pogoskill pokemon go spoofer
Step 2
Establish a connection between your Android or iOS gadget using the device's respective data cable.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 pogoskill pokemon go spoofer
Step 3
Upon successful connection, you have the privilege to input your desired spoofed location, such as Madrid or Sendai.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 pogoskill change location

Part 4. FAQs About Pokemon Go Fest Ticket

1. What is the Pokemon Go Fest Ticket For?

The ticket is to attend the event in person, gain exclusive chances to do raids, catch special and unique Pokémon, and enjoy with thousands of other trainers. The global ticket is for global players who cannot physically participate.

2. Can You Participate in Pokemon Go Fest Without a Ticket?

If you do not purchase the Pokemon Go Fest ticket, you can still enjoy the event with special rates and Pokémon chances, but you won't be able to get the exclusive offers.

3. How to Activate My Pokemon Go Fest Ticket?

You do not need to activate the Pokemon Go Fest ticket. As soon as you purchase online, you will receive a confirmation email and an in-game inventory drop. Once you have done this, you can simply start playing as soon as the event begins.


Buy your Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket today and become a part of the once-an-year award, which thousands of fans and trainers join to have fun. The event has exclusive rewards, many different events and experiences, and more during the event days. But if you want to enjoy the event from the comfort of your home, you can use a PoGoskill Pokémon Go Spoofing tool to attend three event locations on their launch dates without a hassle.

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