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Review of ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof 2024

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-01-17 / Update for Pokemon Android

The primary purpose of the Pokémon Go game is to walk around in the real world to find and capture different Pokémon. Unfortunately, not everyone might have the time to do that, and hence, spoofing apps emerge that allow you to spoof your location. Now, you can capture a Pokémon anywhere without original geo-restrictions. But are all these spoofing apps safe?

modifiedapps pokemon go spoof review intro

This article shares information about ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof and whether it is safe. Furthermore, we share a ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof alternative to ease your “Gotta Catch ‘em All" purpose and walk anywhere worldwide while catching the best Pokémon.

Part 1: Is ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof Safe?

ModifiedApps is a Pokemon Go Spoofer app that allows you to travel the world to amazing Pokémon locations, hotspots, and much more without setting foot outside your home. The app doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak your phone; the process is pretty simple. Here are some of its key features.

  • Snipe-kill a Pokémon from miles away without being in the exact location.
  • Easy access to maps with real-time data on the latest raids and wild Pokémon appearances.
  • Easy controls with joystick on screen and adjust walking speed.
  • Let you see critical information about each Pokémon before you capture them.

But some disadvantages come with most spoofing apps like ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof.

  • The app isn’t available on the official Play Store, so there is no way of knowing if it has a virus.
  • Your Pokémon account can be banned permanently because of unverified apps, and you will lose all your hard work within a minute.
  • ModifiedApps com Pokemon Go spoof downloaded apps may have malicious intent and install ransom or spyware in your device.
  • A simple location spoof is not worth it.

Part 2: Where Can I Download ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof?

The ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof app isn’t available on traditional Play Stores, so you have to go to their Pokémon Go Spoof from ModifiedApps com webpage to download the app. Here are the simple steps to ModifiedApps Pokemon Go spoof download.

  • 1.Visit the webpage of ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof shared above.

  • 2.You can click on the article in the image below to see detailed steps or search on the search bar on the right if you don’t see this article.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof review download 1
  • 3.Once inside the article, scroll down until you see the blue download buttons. Click on your respective device to download the app.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof review download
  • 4.Once you install and run the app, enter the location coordinates where you want to spoof your account.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof modifiedapps running

Part 3: What is the Best Pokemon Go Spoofer?

The process to download and run the Pokémon Go spoofer app from ModifiedApps is simple, yet it can contain some viruses or has red flags. So why not use a reliable app such as PoGoskill that does more but without the danger of getting hacked?

Its critical key feature makes this a great app and undoubtedly the best Modified Pokemon Go alternative.

Key Features:

  • No need to root or jailbreak your phone to change your GPS location for Pokémon Go.
  • Easy simulation option by providing a virtual joystick to move around quickly.
  • Instant teleportation to your new location without restrictions on where you can go.
  • The ability to create customizable simulated walking routes with ease.
  • Many more incredible features that must be tried at least once!

Steps to Download and Use

Let's work out how to use this fantastic app without worrying about unverified software from ModifiedApps com Pokemon Go spoof. Here are the steps to download and use the best ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof alternative.

  • 1.Go to the PoGoskill store page on Android or iOS to download the app. Or you can use the download button shown above for easy access.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof pogoskill playstore
  • 2.It is important to remember that for the app to work correctly, you need to enable Developer Mode.

  • 3.Install and open the PoGoskill app. When you open the app, click on the joystick to enable it. Allow the app to display over other apps, as shown below.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof pogoskill download
  • 4.This joystick lets you control your Pokémon Go character to direct them to the nearest Pokémon location.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof pogoskill joystick
  • 5.To automate the process, click the location button below and set the walking speed. You can then mark out the pathway or area you want to walk around.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof pogoskill speed setting
  • 6.Once decided, tap the “Start Moving” button to begin the process. Your character will walk independently, allowing you to control where you want to hunt.

  • 7.Furthermore, you can change the location of this Pokémon Go spoofer app from the top bar. Enter your desired location or coordinates to select the best results.

    modifiedapps pokemon go spoof pogoskill change location

Final Thoughts

While the concept and premise of Pokémon Go are quite remarkable, the idea is still flawed. Not everyone has the time and energy to walk daily miles to catch Pokémon. That is why gamers who are Pokémon fans and want to enjoy catching all the Pokémon must resort to apps like ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof. Unfortunately, not all apps are safe and protected and might exploit you for information when you install their apps. In these cases, the best case would be to either not use the app or find a better ModifiedApps Pokemon Go Spoof alternative. This article discusses why PoGoskill is that alternative and how its outstanding features make it the best option.

Voices from Our Pokemon Go Players

As someone who doesn't have a lot of time to walk around for Pokemon Go, this spoofer app is a game-changer! I can now participate in raids and collect items from Pokestops in various cities, even from the comfort of my home. It's made the game much more enjoyable for me.
I was initially skeptical about using a Pokemon Go spoofer, but this app has proven to be reliable and easy to use. I love the option to change my walking speed to make it more realistic. It's definitely enhanced my gaming experience, and I haven't encountered any issues so far.
The PoGoskill Pokemon Go spoofer app is excellent for exploring different regions and catching region-exclusive Pokemon. I've traveled virtually to places I never thought I'd visit in the game, and it's been a blast. It's a must-have for any Pokemon Go enthusiast! I highly recommend this tool to you guys!