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What Are the Best Pokémon Go Tokyo Coordinates?

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-01-20 / Update for Pokemon Android

From the bustling streets of Shinjuku to the serene gardens of Ueno, Tokyo is not only the heart of Japan but also the birthplace of the Pokémon franchise. This city is where the iconic Pokémon monsters first sprang to life. However, despite its rich Pokémon history, many trainers don’t know about the best Tokyo coordinates for Pokémon Go.

best pokemon go tokyo coordinates intro

As such, in this article, we list out the top 10 Pokémon Go Tokyo coordinates. And for those Pokémon trainers who find themselves located far from Tokyo, there is no need to worry! At the end of this topic, we also talk about a top-notch location spoofer app that you can use to teleport yourself to these best Pokémon Go coordinates in Tokyo.

Part 1: Best Pokémon Go Tokyo Coordinates


best pokemon go tokyo coordinates shibuya

Topping our charts is no other than the epicenter of youth and style location in Tokyo: Shibuya! Buzzing with energy, Shibuya is one of the best places in Tokyo for Pokémon Go coordinates. You frequently find yourself amidst rare Pokémons while being on its streets, a kaleidoscope of fashion and food.

Coordinates: 35.6595° N, 139.7006° E

2.Senso-Ji Temple

best pokemon go tokyo coordinates senso ji temple

Bagging second place, Senso-Ji is Japan's oldest temple in Tokyo that offers a serene backdrop for catching Pokémon amidst rich cultural heritage. We strongly recommend this place for finding rare Pokémons if you ever happen to visit Tokyo.

Coordinates: 35.7148° N, 139.7967° E

3.Ueno Park

best pokemon go tokyo coordinates ueno park

Third on our list is the urban oasis of Tokyo, the Ueno Park. For those unaware, it is a lush green expanse and easily counts among the best places in Tokyo for Pokémon Go coordinates. It is an ideal spot for trainers seeking a tranquil Pokémon-catching experience.

Coordinates: 35.7150° N, 139.7737° E

4.Meiji-Jingu Shrine

best pokemon go tokyo coordinates meiji jingu shrine

The Meiji-Jingu Shrine, known for its serene Shinto sanctuary, is yet another popular spot for Pokémon Go Tokyo coordinates. If you find yourself running out of luck in other best places in Tokyo for Pokémon Go coordinates, then we suggest you try your luck in the Meiji-Jingu shrine location.

Coordinates: 35.6764° N, 139.6993° E

5.Roppongi Hills

best pokemon go tokyo coordinates roppongi hills

Roppongi Hills is a towering testament to modern Tokyo that offers a high-end Pokémon Go experience among skyscrapers and art. This is because Roppongi Hills is rich in several Points of Interest places that support various types of Pokémon monster spawns.

Coordinates: 35.6605° N, 139.7293° E


best pokemon go tokyo coordinates obadia

Next on our list is Odaiba which is a man-made island in Tokyo and home to a futuristic-styled playground teeming with many different types of Pokémons. Therefore, Odaiba is ideal for those who love a blend of modernity and leisure in catching Pokémons.

Coordinates: 35.6295° N, 139.7753° E

7.Tokyo Tower

best pokemon go tokyo coordinates tokyo tower

Who can forget Tokyo Tower, the city's Eiffel-esque icon, in Tokyo when talking about the best Pokémon Go Tokyo coordinates? Speaking of which, Tokyo Tower is more than a stunning sight; it's practically a hotspot for trainers aiming high in their Pokémon Go adventure.

Coordinates: 35.6586° N, 139.7454° E


best pokemon go tokyo coordinates akihabara

Akihabara, also known as a Geek’s paradise, is the magnet for electronics and anime that is bound to make you encounter a whirlwind of unique Pokémons while on your Pokémon Go hunt. Like other best Pokémon Go Tokyo Coordinates on this list, Akihabara is one of the best places in Tokyo for Pokémon Go coordinates.

Coordinates: 35.7023° N, 139.7745° E

9.Imperial Palace

best pokemon go tokyo coordinates imperial palace

Continuing with the flow, Imperial Palace offers a majestic setting for a top-notch Pokémon Go Tokyo coordinate location. As the name indicates, the Imperial Palace is a historic place that is surrounded by nature in present-day Tokyo.

Coordinates: 35.6852° N, 139.7528° E


best pokemon go tokyo coordinates shinjuku

Last but not least, Shinjuku is yet another location on our list for the best Pokémon Go Tokyo coordinates. As you may know, Shinjuku is a bustling district with vibrant nightlife. This makes it a must-go location for trainers seeking diverse Pokémon species in Pokémon Go.

Coordinates: 35.6938° N, 139.7036° E

Part 2: How to Teleport to the Exact Pokémon Go Tokyo Coordinates without Walking?

Embarking on a Pokémon Go adventure in Tokyo's prime locations is a dream for many. But what choice are you left with if you are based thousands of miles away, totally on another continent? This is where PoGoskill comes in!

It offers an immersive experience that virtually transports you to coordinates like bustling Shibuya or the serene Ueno Park at just the tap of a few clicks. As such, using PoGoSkill, you can easily 'teleport' to any of the top Tokyo coordinates listed earlier.

Key Features:

  • Simulate walking, jogging, or running movements for a natural gameplay experience.
  • Save your top Tokyo hotspots for quick access.
  • Control your avatar’s movement speed to suit your gameplay style.
  • A built-in timer to help maintain the game's integrity, avoiding potential soft bans.

So, whether you are after the elusive Farfetch'd in the shadows of Tokyo Tower or seeking a legendary raid in Akihabara, PoGoSkill is your virtual portal to these famed Pokémon Go Tokyo coordinates, all without walking.

To download PoGoSkill, head over to the official site and follow the following steps:

Step 1
Download and run PoGoSkill on your PC.
best pokemon go tokyo coordinates pogoskill launch
Step 2
Connect your iPhone or Android device to your PC.
best pokemon go tokyo coordinates pogoskill connection
Step 3
Click on “Start to Modify” and choose any of the four spoofing movement options to begin spoofing your location right away!
best pokemon go tokyo coordinates pogoskill location choosing


As seen above, exploring Tokyo's vibrant Pokémon Go landscape is now within reach for trainers worldwide, thanks to technological wonders like PoGoskill. Whether you are aiming to conquer gyms at Senso-Ji Temple or capture rare Pokémon in Shinjuku, PoGoSkill provides a seamless and immersive experience for all.

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