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How to Get a Dragonite Pokemon Go 2024

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-01-22 / Update for Pokemon Android

Dragonite is a rare spawn in Pokemon Go. The attractive costume of Dragonite makes it the most desirable Pokemon for the players in Pokemon Go. If you struggle to get this shiny, costumed Pokemon, this guide is for you. It will give you tips and tricks to get Dragonite Pokemon Go. We will also give you ideas about how you can use it effectively. So, keep reading if you want to be the best trainer.

Part 1. How Rare is Dragonite Pokemon Go?

Dragonite is rare in Pokemon Go because it is hard to find. You must search for it or wait a long to get Dragonite Pokemon Go. It can also be obtained by using Dratini, but in this way, you have to find the Dratni first. So you have to put effort and spend time to get Dragonite. Most players aim to get it because it is the most effective Pokemon against almost every Pokemon in the battles and raids.

get dragonite pokemon go intro

Dragonite's Best Movesets and Weaknesses

Dragonite is popular for its powerful and strongest moves that can destroy the enemy within seconds and give you more points and rewards. It has different movesets like Dragon Tail, Dragon Breath, Hyper Beam, Hurricane, and many more.

But the best movesets that can give you more results are Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor. These are considered the best movesets as these are most effective when attacking in gyms. These moves have the highest total DPS compared to others and are also considered Dragonite's best movesets in PVP battles.

Dragon Tail is the quickest move of Dragonite. It will bring 15 damage and produce 9 energy. In PVP battles, it will bring 13 damage and generate 9 energy. Draco Meteor is from the main moves of Dragonite. It is the most destructive move that can cause 150 damage.

Dragonite is weak against Ice, Dragon, Rock, and Fairy moves. The best counters for Dragonite are Kyurem(black), Darmanitan(Galarian Standard), Darminatan(Galarian Zen), Weavile, and Mamoswine.

Best Garchomp Moveset in Pokémon Go

Part 2. How to Get Dragonite Pokemon Go?

Dragonite is the most attractive Pokemon in the game, but the main thing is how and where we get them. Some players claim that you can find it in the mountain biome, a lure, near a beach, and some said that Dragonites only share the biome with Clefairies. You can also get Dragonite by the following methods:

1. Dragonite Evolution

You can get Dragonite Pokemon Go from Dratini. First, you must find Dratini near the water biomes or hatch it from eggs. Then, you need to collect 25 candies to evolve Dratini into Dragonair. Now, finally, spent almost 100 candies to evolve Dragonite from Dragonair. The other way to evolve Dragonite from Dragonair is once your Dragonair reaches 55 levels, it will automatically evolve, and you will get Dragonite Pokemon Go.

get dragonite pokemon go dragonite evolution

2. Raid Battles

Occasionally, Dragonite can appear as a raid boss as a powerful foe. But it is the most helpful Pokemon for its team to win the raids. You can join raid battles with your fellow trainers. By joining the raid battles, you can get a chance to defeat the raid boss, Dragonite, and catch it. You can use premier balls awarded according to your performance in the raid battles to catch the Dragonite. In this way, you can get Dragonite Pokemon Go.

3. Trading

Dragonite can also be obtained from trading with other trainers from all over the world. It particularly works when you are looking for IV or CP range Dragonite.

You can negotiate the trade terms, and the trade can be successful if you have the desired Pokemon for the trainer in your list. For trading in Pokemon Go, you must meet the criteria: you must be level 10 or above, be friends with the other person you are trading in Pokemon Go, and be 100 meters away from each other in real life.

4. Research Task

You can also get Dragonite Pokemon Go by research tasks and on special occasions. You will get Dragonite or evolve Dragonite from Dratini for the rewards of completing the research tasks. The famous research tasks in Pokemon are Special Research, Field Research, Timed Research, and Jump Research Tasks. In all of the above, the best research task to get Drgonite or Dratini is the Jump Research task, which has 6 stages with more chances to get or catch Dratini.

get dragonite pokemon go jump research task

Part 3. What is the Easiest Way to Get Dragonite Pokemon Go?

The easiest way to get Dragonite Pokemon Go is by catching the Dratini in a research task like Jump-Start Research, or you can also catch it by finding it at the best possible places. One of the easiest ways to get Dratini to evolve into Dragonite is finding a Dratini in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

1. How to Catch Dratini in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Dratini can be found in a few spots, including the lake northeast of Alfornada, Casseroya Lake, and North Province Area Two. These are generally mid or late-game areas, allowing players to get a Dragonite relatively quickly. Dratini is found in lakes and ponds, swimming alongside water-type Pokemon. It spawns individually, not in packs like the Slowbro and Marills in these areas.

2. Best Place to Find Dragonite in Pokemon Go Coordinates

Finding Dragonite Pokemon Go coordinates can be difficult if you don't know the best place to catch Dragonite. The best place to catch Dragonite is near water biomes and Clefairies. In the Clefairy biome, Dragonite spawns regularly, and you can catch more than enough.

You must move towards the water bodies, beaches, and lakes to find the Dratini. Also, Dragonite can be found in Clefairy areas and mountains. Hence, it’s impossible to keep moving and changing the location to find these rare Pokemon.

3. How can you Get Dragonite Pokemon Go Easily?

You must move towards the water bodies, beaches, and lakes to find the Dratini. Also, Dragonite can be found in the Clefairy areas and mountain Clefiary. Hence, it is impossible to keep moving and changing locations to find these rare Pokemon.

So, now you can resolve this issue with a safe location changer. You may need a location changer that can give you access to areas where you can catch Dratini and Dragonite while sitting in your home. We have chosen PoGoskill.

Key Features:

  • You can teleport to the best Dragonite place within seconds.
  • You can also use PoGoskill to reach 100 meters away from your friend to get Dragonite from trade.
  • The cooldown timer prevents account bans.

You can use PoGoskill to change the location by the following steps:

Step 1
Install PoGoskill on your PC or MAC device and click on the “Start” button.
get dragonite pokemon go pogoskill launch
Step 2
Now connect your device to Android or iOS via USB cable or WiFi.
get dragonite pokemon go pogoskill connection
Step 3
Now select teleport, two-spot, or multi-spot movement from the top right corner, enter the address or GPS Coordinates in the search box, and click “Start to Modify.”
get dragonite pokemon go pogoskill location changing

Your location will be changed with one click on the game Pokemon Go. Enjoy catching Dragonites from their favorite places.

Bottom Line

Getting a Dragonite by evolving Dratini into Dragonair and Dragonair into Dragonite requires time and candies. You also must have to get the Dratini first. So the best way to get Dragonite is catching by yourself from the best places where they spawn. With PoGoskill, you can teleport location to the mountains and Clefiary biomes and get Dragonite Pokemon Go.

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