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Best Garchomp Moveset in Pokémon Go 2024

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-01-13 / Update for Pokemon Android

Garchomp is a powerful and versatile Pokémon to main in Pokémon Go. With a max CP of 3962 and a rich set of aggressive moves, it quickly heats up the battleground in no time, guaranteeing you almost certain victory. But can we solely rely on its physical prowess or is there more to Garchomp than meets the eye? What is it exactly that makes this Pokémon so good in Pokémon Go? More importantly, what is the best moveset for Garchomp Pokémon Go? Is it available in the newest open-world Pokémon game: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet? To find answers to these questions, stay tuned with us as we explore Garchomp best moveset Pokémon Go in this article.

Part 1: Why is Garchomp So Good in Pokémon Go?

Garchomp is a great Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon to have on your team. It evolves from Gabite after 100 candies in Pokémon Go and can help you win many battles and raids if its abilities are used the right way.

garchomp best moveset pokemon go intro

At max level, Garchomp boasts a very high CP of 3962 value that, when combined with a strong moveset of Dragon Tail and Outrage, makes it one of the most powerful Pokémons in the game. In particular, its dual typing gives it an advantage over many other Dragon-type Pokémons, as the dual typing cancels out the weaknesses of the Ground type and gains immunity to the Electric type. In addition, Garchomp is also resistant to Fire, Poison, and Rock-type attacks in Pokémon Go which effectively makes it a very durable fighter in many situations, particularly in raids.

Part 2: What is the Best Garchomp Moveset?

Now that we know Garchomp’s high damage potential in Pokémon Go, it’s time we look at Garchomp best moveset in PvP battles. 

While Garchomp has a diverse range of abilities that one can use in any order, know that some certain combinations count for the best Garchomp moveset in Pokémon Go. As such, one of Garchomp best moveset PvP is Mud Shot as a quick move combined with Earth Power and Outrage as Charged moves. Mud Shot is a Ground type move that deals 5 damage and has an EPS of 11.7. EPS stands for Energy Per Second and indicates how fast the quick move can fill the charge move bar. 

The reason why we favored Mud Shot over Dragon Tail is because Mud Shot charges EPS more quickly. And when this is combined with Earth Poer and Outrage, it yields a top-notch effective combo that makes it one of the best moveset for Garchomp Pokémon Go.

garchomp best moveset pokemon go best moveset

Earth Power and Outrage are both powerful Charged moves that deal high damage while also consuming less EPS than other charge moves. Earth Power is a Ground-type move that deals 100 damage and has an EPS of -13.9. Outrage, on the other hand, is a Dragon-type move that deals 110 damage and has an EPS of -12.8. 

Part 3: Is Garchomp in Scarlet and Violet?

Yes, Garchomp is indeed available in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet; and you can find this coveted Pokémon in several ways.

First and foremost is the traditional method of catching and evolving Gible or Gabite into Garchomp. You usually find their base evolution forms near cave locations in the game. However, if you want Garchomp directly (level 48 – level 61), you can search for it flying around or near the Great Crater location. And in case this does not help, you can try your luck in Tera Raids. Last but not least, you can also encounter Garchomp in Mass Outbreaks, which are rare occasions where a large number of a certain Pokémon appear in a specific area for a limited time.

Part 4: How to Catch Garchomp in Pokémon Go Easily?

Since Garchomp is both strong and aesthetically pleasing, many Pokémon Go players wish to have it on their team. In addition, Garchomp best moveset Pokemon Go, which we discussed above, makes it an ideal choice for PvP battles in the game.

While you can find Garchomp virtually almost anywhere on the map, know that the spawn rate of Garchomp is very low. As per the internet, it is estimated to be at 0.01%. Nevertheless, the good news is that certain weather conditions and biome types increase the likelihood of encountering Garchomp in the wild. 

But there's no need to worry, as PoGoskill provides the just solution you need! For those unaware, PoGoSkill is a location spoofing app for Pokemon Go that can instantly spoof you to locations where you can easily find Garchomp. You don't even need to leave your home and still get to enjoy the full potential of playing Pokémon Go. This is because PoGoSkill is a powerful GPS spoofer for everyone to fake location in Pokémon Go.

Key Features:

  • No need to root your device.
  • Simulate movement with next-level freedom.
  • Showcase a top-notch user-friendly interface.

Follow the following steps to install PoGoskill on your PC:

Step 1
While on the site, proceed to download the setup file.
garchomp best moveset pokemon go pogoskill download
Step 2
Run the installer and connect your iOS device to your PC with a data cable.
garchomp best moveset pokemon go pogoskill connection
Step 3
Choose your preferred spoofing method and begin spoofing your location in Pokémon Go by clicking on “Start to Modify” button.
garchomp best moveset pokemon go pogoskill start to modify


Although Garchomp has a diverse set of abilities, knowing the best moveset for Garchomp is essential to dominating PvP battles in Pokémon Go. The reason for this is simple: Garchomp best moveset allows for higher damage while also consuming Energy minimally when compared with other combinations. If you want Garchomp on your team but can’t find it in your region, use PoGoskill to spoof yourself in a desert region and begin simulating your movement there. If you are lucky, you will soon find Garchomp in the wild!

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