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How to Get More Egg Incubators in Pokemon Go 2024?

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-01-24 / Update for Pokemon Android

If you are trying to fill up your Pokedex with rare Pokemon, then you have to know how to get more egg incubators in Pokemon Go. Hatching rate eggs can help you get your favorite Pokemon, not to mention hatched Pokemon usually have a higher IV. If you are not sure if it is worth it to invest time and effort in getting more egg incubators, then it is definitely better than catching Pokemon.

However, for beginner Pokemon Go players, figuring out how to get enough incubators to hatch eggs faster can be tricky. There are different egg incubators Pokemon Go you can get in 2024, and there are various ways to use them.

Part 1. What is the Difference Between a Regular Egg Incubator and a Super Egg Incubator Pokemon Go?

You can simply put a Pokemon egg inside an incubator to hatch it. You have to walk a certain distance in Pokemon Go to hatch eggs once they are placed inside the incubator. Each incubator can only hold a single egg, and therefore, only one Pokemon egg can hatch from it. However, the type of incubator you use can affect the distance you have to walk to hatch an egg. The free incubator and the regular incubators you can buy with coins hatch eggs at the usual walking distance. The super incubator Pokemon Go, on the other hand, reduces the distance you have to travel in order to hatch eggs.

get more egg incubators in pokemon go intro

However, unlike the free egg Incubators Pokemon Go that you can use an unlimited number of times, a super incubator Pokemon Go can only be used for hatching three eggs before it breaks. The new super incubators are definitely a better option if you want to hatch more eggs by walking fewer kilometers.

Part 2. How Do You Get More Egg Incubators in Pokemon Go?

The more incubators you have, the more eggs you can put in them to hatch. That is because every km you walk contributes towards hatching all the eggs you have in incubators at the time of walking. Having multiple egg incubators helps if your goal is to hatch a lot of Pokemon. Here are the different methods for getting more incubators for anyone wondering how to get more egg incubators in Pokemon Go:

  • 1.Rewards from Level Up

    Leveling up in Pokemon Go is one of the best parts about the game for a trainer. As you level up, you get certain rewards such as Pokeballs, eggs, and most importantly, incubators.

    With that said, leveling up doesn't guarantee that you will get an incubator since the rewards are granted randomly by the game. So, you can't predict which level-up is going to reward you with an incubator. However, rest assured that as you climb up the levels in Pokemon Go, you will collect egg incubators by the time you reach double-digit levels.

  • 2.Purchase With PokeCoins

    PokeCoins can be earned by participating in gym events with your Pokemon. Every time your Pokemon defends a gym by staying in it for the maximum period of time, you earn PokeCoins.

    The gyms that are most active and have a lot of trainers battling over them give out the most PokeCoins. Once you have collected enough PokeCoins from participating in gym events, you can buy incubators by going to the shop.

  • 3.Check for Limited Time Event on the Shop

    The game shop of Pokemon Go regularly features events that include special discounts and deals on items. These events also apply to incubators, and during the event, you can get incubators without spending a lot of coins.

    get more egg incubators in pokemon go limited time event

    With that said, you have to make sure that you check the in-game shop often so you can benefit from limited-time events. Other than the limited-time events, you can also find promotions on incubators inside the shop. So make sure you check the in-game shop for limited-time events and promotions to buy incubators at discounted prices.

  • 4.Gifts From Friends

    Playing Pokemon Go with friends is a lot more fun, and sometimes friends may even gift you items such as incubators. If you are a friendly player who likes to make friends with other trainers, you can receive incubators as gifts. Players with a lot of friends can receive a decent amount of incubators from their friends.

  • 5.Limited-Time Boxes

    This method of getting a lot of incubators also involves the in-game shop. You can find Limited-Time Boxes in the shop that work the same way as the limited-time events. With these boxes, you can get incubators at a discounted price.

Part 3. How to Hatch Eggs Without Walking?

While all the methods mentioned in the previous section can help you get incubators, you still need to hatch them. Walking long distances to hatch eggs while they sit in the incubator is not the fastest or most convenient method. If you want to speed up the egg-hatching process without walking or even moving a muscle, then PoGoskill can help you do just that. This tool lets you move your phone's GPS location as if you were walking without actually walking.

So you still rack up kilometers, hatch eggs faster, and fill your Pokedex with rare Pokemon. Here are some features of PoGoskill that make it ideal for hatching eggs:

Key Features:

  • Choose specific routes to move your GPS location as naturally as possible.
  • Ability to choose your GPS movement speed so it gets registered by Pokemon Go.
  • Move to the exact location of gyms to participate in as many battles as possible.

Steps for downloading and using PoGoskill

Step 1
Download and launch the PoGoskill software on your computer and click on Start.
get more egg incubators in pokemon go pogoskill start
Step 2
Use the official USB cable of your phone to connect your phone to the PC and wait for PoGoskill to install the necessary app on your phone.
get more egg incubators in pokemon go pogoskill connection
Step 3
Now set the speed to 10km/h and click Modify Positioning to start adding up kilometers and hatching Pokemon eggs.
get more egg incubators in pokemon go pogoskill speed settings


Egg incubators Pokemon Go are, without a doubt, one of the best ways to get powerful and rare Pokemon. Not to mention, there are ways to get more egg incubators in Pokemon Go and hatch more eggs. However, walking is the only bottleneck that stands between trainers and egg hatching. PoGoskill removes this restriction, and you can try this software out for free.

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