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Key Strategies for Dominating the Pokemon Go Battle League in 2024

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-03-20 / Update for Pokemon Android

Walking and running around the real world, capturing rare Pokémon, is the beginning of becoming a master trainer. Mastery of the game starts with Pokemon Go Battle League, where your mettle is tested against other trainers. Only those who are strategic and have proper knowledge can climb different tiers to stardom. How can you do that, and what prizes can you win? Continue reading the article to learn the best Pokemon Go Battle League Strategy for reaching the top.

Part 1. What Is the Easiest Battle League in Pokémon GO?

If you are a new trainer who wants to try out your skills, you should know that there are three leagues where you can test your mettle with Pokemon Go Battle League best Pokemon team. Here are these leagues.

  • Great League – Max CP required per Pokémon: 1,500.
  • Ultra League – Max CP required per Pokémon: 2,500.
  • Master League – No CP limit per Pokémon in your team.

Each new GO Battle League season kicks off with the Great League, which is the easiest League to join because only Pokémon with 1,500 CP or less can participate.

 pokemon go battle league level of leagues

Your Pokemon Go Battle League team depends on each League. For example, in the Great League, you won't find higher-league Pokémon here, such as Medicham or Azumarill. The higher the League you participate in, the better Pokémon you will need to have on your team.

Here are some basic rules of the Pokemon Go Battle League:

  • Each battle can have only 3 Pokémon.
  • Your opponent’s Pokémon will be revealed only when the battle starts.
  • You must knock out all opponent’s Pokémon to win the match.
  • Each win will help you gain your ranks and progress. A loss will reduce your ratings.
  • You receive rewards after five matches based on your ratings and winnings.
  • Every player can only play 100 battles each day.
  • Leaving a game may result in an automatic loss.

Part 2. What Is the Best Pokemon to Use in League Battles Pokemon GO?

Following are the best Pokémon if you want to win big in the Pokemon Go Battle League. Each with their primary skills.

  • Shadow Gallade (Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Leaf Blade)
  • Shadow Gligar (Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Dig)
  • Swampert(S) (Mud Shot, Hydro Cannon, Earthquake)
  • Cresselia (Psycho Cut, Grass Knot, Future Sight)
  • Shadow Feraligatr (Shadow Claw, Hydro Cannon, Ice Beam)
pokemon go battle league calendar

Here are some roles that these Pokémon fit best in to make your Pokemon Go Battle League battles much smoother, as some of them can be great for more than one role.

Best Leads

If you want to pressure the opponent right from the start, you need these leads in your team.

  • Swampert(S)
  • Cresselia
  • Shadow Feraligatr
  • Shadow Gallade
  • Shadow Gligar

Best Safe Switches

These Pokémon will allow switching your main lead as the best Pokemon Go Battle League Strategy if you had a bad matchup in the League.

  • Shadow Gallade
  • Shadow Gligar
  • Cresselia

Best Closers

Shadow Gallade is the best tank in the game, and it shines when the shields on both sides are depleted. Gallade can quickly charge and change the tide of battle.

pokemon go battle league shadow gallade

Best Attackers

You must use Cresselia as the Pokemon Go Battle League best Pokemon because they can whittle down the opponent team's shield quite fast. Even though our shadow Pokémon are in most roles, they are terrible for this role.

pokemon go battle league cresselia

Part 3. How Do You Make a Good Pokemon GO Battle League Team?

Now you know a lot more about Pokemon Go Battle League and how to make the best Pokemon Go Battle League team than before reading this article. However, creating an excellent Pokemon Go Battle League team requires catching for the best Pokémon. To farm the best Pokémon, you must know their spawn coordinateslocation and the ability to be there easily.

In the actual game, it isn't as easy because you need to physically be there, essentially killing your dream of being a master trainer. PoGoskill can help you with that, as it can modify your GPS location and teleport you to the rare Pokémon farming location.

Let's learn more about this amazing tool by looking at its best features. Then, you can finally employ the best Pokemon Go Battle League Strategy by capturing these Pokémon.

Key Features:

  • You can send your avatar/character to any place where the rare Pokémon spawns.
  • Accurately change and simulate your character's running and walking speeds in the game world without actually walking.
  • A cooldown period and stable GPS spoofing ensure you aren't prohibited from teleportation or getting banned.
  • Walking or running routes that are automated to increase the likelihood of locating and pursuing a rare Pokémon.

How to Spoof Your Location with PoGoskill for Pokemon Go Battle League best Pokemon?

Step 1
1.Open the PoGoskill Pokémon Go Spoofer application on your PC, select "Start" to fake wherever you are, and teleport to a new location.
pokemon go battle league pogoskill launch
Step 2
2.Connect your mobile or tablet to your laptop/PC using the default cable. You can also connect over Wi-Fi, although this requires at least a one-time connection with the wire beforehand.
pokemon go battle league pogoskill connect
Step 3
3.After signing in, click the Logged In button in PoGoskill to simulate your new location as a spawning place for rare Pokémon.
pokemon go battle league pogoskill change location


With the help of this guide and the use of PoGoskill to teleport to your new location, you can easily capture rare Pokémon. This method will allow you to make the best Pokemon Go Battle League team and climb the ranks of Pokemon Go Battle League in 2024.

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