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How to Catch More Eevee in Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan 2024

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-03-25 / Update for Pokemon Android

Calling all Trainers! The electrifying adventure of Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan ignites, and at its heart shines Eevee! This adaptable wonder, sporting an explorer hat just for the occasion, holds the key to unlocking eight powerful forms. Want a majestic Vaporeon to dominate the battlefield? A fiery Flareon to melt your opponents? The choice is yours!

But how do you catch this versatile treasure and unleash its evolutionary potential? Dive into this comprehensive guide, your roadmap to mastering Eevee during the event! We'll explore prime Eevee hotspots, and strategic tips, and even touch on maximizing your chances of snagging a rare Shiny Eevee. So, prepare your Poké Balls to conquer Tainan with your unique Eevee companion!

Part 1. Everything You Need to Know about Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan Taiwan

Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan is a two-day event in Tainan, Taiwan, on March 9 and 10, 2024. Catch themed Pokémon, complete special research, and explore the city!

pokemon go city safari tainan intro

1.What It Costs?

NT$300 (or equivalent) - buy tickets online

2.What to Do at Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan?

  • Catch unique Pokémon with a Tainan twist!
  • Complete a special city-themed research story.
  • Explore Tainan's landmarks, food, and culture.
  • Meet fellow Trainers and make new friends.
  • Catch a special Eevee wearing an Explorer Hat!
  • Battle unique Raid Bosses.
  • Snap photos at themed locations throughout the city.

Get your tickets now and prepare for an unforgettable Pokémon GO adventure in Tainan!

Part 2. How to Catch More Eevee in Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan?

1.Catch more Eevee by following these strategies

    1.Identify Eevee Spawns: Watch for event announcements or online resources highlighting Eevee hotspots in Tainan.

    2.Use Lures and Incense: Boost your chances by placing Lures and Incense at PokéStops and Gyms; plus, event bonuses extend Lure durations.

    3.Complete City Safari Research: Earn Eevee encounters as rewards by completing the City Safari Special Research. Additional tasks may lead to more encounters.

    4.Team Up with Trainers: Collaborate with fellow Trainers to cover more ground and discover hidden Eevee hotspots. Share tips and strategies!

    5.Explore Tainan Safely: Respect local regulations and safety measures while exploring different areas in Tainan; you might find Eevee in unexpected locations!

2.Bonus Tip: Catch Eevee Anywhere with PoGoSkill

Introducing PoGoskill, a third-party tool designed to enhance your Pokémon GO experience by virtually manipulating your GPS location. Ideal for catching rare Pokémon like shiny Eevee during events such as Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan.

Key Features:

  • Teleport Mode: Instantly jump to any coordinate to explore Tainan's Eevee hotspots, even if they're across the globe.
  • Joystick Control: Mimic walking with the on-screen joystick to explore specific areas within Tainan at your own pace and potentially discover hidden Eevee nests.
  • Customize Routes: Plot multi-waypoint routes for realistic movement to increase your chances of encountering Eevee along the way.
How to Download and Get Started with PogoSkill?
Step 1
Visit the official PoGoSkill website to Download the PoGoSkill app for your preferred platform (Windows, or iOS).
pokemon go city safari tainan pogoskill launch
Step 2
Follow the on-screen instructions and give necessary permissions.
pokemon go city safari tainan pogoskill connect
Step 3
Click the “Start Now” button and boom, you are in! Use the mentioned features to teleport to Tainan, navigate specific areas, or follow custom routes, all in pursuit of that elusive shiny Eevee evolution you desire.
pokemon go city safari tainan pogoskill change location

To get the most out of it, combine PoGoSkill's features with the tips given above to increase your chances of catching Eevee during Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan. Play safely, have fun, and let the Eevee evolution begin!

Use third-party apps responsibly, adhering to the Terms of Service of the games. Focus on enhancing your gameplay experience, not exploiting it.

Part 3. What is Each Eevee Evolution Best at?

Each Eevee evolution has unique strengths, so let's delve into their specialties:

  • Flareon: A physical damage powerhouse, Flareon has the highest Attack Stat. Recommended for dealing heavy blows in offensive scenarios, making it a strong choice in battles.
  • Leafeon: The defense specialist, Leafeon has the highest Defense Stat. A reliable choice for defense-oriented strategies, suitable for holding down gyms and resisting physical attacks effectively.
  • Vaporeon: The tank of Eevee evolutions, Vaporeon boasts the highest HP stat. Ideal for soaking up damage in battles and enduring prolonged encounters.
  • Espeon and Glaceon: Sharing the highest Special Attack Stat, these two excel in special moves. Effective for dealing damage with special attacks, making them versatile in various battles.
  • Umbreon and Sylveon - Special Defense Masters: Leading in Special Defense, Umbreon and Sylveon excel at resisting special moves. Well-suited for countering opponents with strong special attacks, providing a solid defensive option.
  • Jolteon - The Speedster: Standing out with the highest Speed stat, Jolteon is a swift and agile Pokémon. Valuable for outpacing opponents in battles, ensuring strategic advantages through speed.
Trainers, the best Eevee evolution depends on your needs and playstyle. Choose wisely and unleash your Eevee's true potential!


Pokémon GO City Safari Tainan presents an engaging event featuring Eevee adorned with an explorer hat. Capture this special Eevee to unlock its transformative potential, evolving it into any of its eight powerful forms.

Utilize strategic exploration methods and tools like PoGoskill for effective manipulation of in-game locations to access virtual Eevee hotspots. Ensure responsible usage by following established guidelines and Terms of Conditions. Actively attract Eevee encounters, complete research tasks, and choose your preferred Eevee evolution, ranging from options like Vaporeon and Flareon to Espeon and Glaceon.

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