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Catch Ghimmigoul Pokemon Go Without Scarlet and Violet 2024

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-01-25 / Update for Pokemon Android

Ghimmighoul is a ghost-type 9th-generation Pokemon. Ever since its introduction, this rare Pokemon has been getting the attention of game lovers. It's a powerful ghost that senses the presence of other Pokemon around it and ambushes them. That's why everyone wants to catch this Pokemon. Unfortunately, finding and catching Ghimmighoul isn't easy, but fret not. This article will give you instructions about getting Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go, both with or without Scarlet and Violet. Let's dig in!

how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go intro

Part 1. Can You Catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go?

The simple answer is YES! You can catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go if you link Pokemon Home with Pokemon Go Scarlet and Violet. However, capturing Gimmighoul requires you to exchange certain Pokemon items for the Coin bag, effectively attracting and enabling the opportunity to catch this elusive Pokemon.

The following steps will help you get Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go with Scarlet and Violet:

Step 1: Link your Pokemon Go account with a Scarlet and Violet Copy. Open Pokemon Scarlet/Violet on your Nintendo Switch.

Step 2: Select 'Poke Portal' on the right side of the screen, then opt for 'Mystery Gift.'

how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go poke portal

Step 3: Click 'Pair With Pokemon GO Account,' ensuring your Pokemon game is updated to the latest version.

how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go account

Step 4: In Pokemon Go, navigate to your Postcard Book, select a postcard, and tap the hamburger icon. Send it to Nintendo Switch.

Step 5: Check the Trainer Boosts section in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet to find the Coin bag. Open it, and Gimmighoul will appear nearby for a limited time, typically around 30 minutes.

how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go coin bag

Part 2. How to Catch Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go Without Scarlet and Violet?

In case you don't have Scarlet and Violet and are eager to get the Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go, we have some good news. Now you can get your favorite Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go through a Golden Pokestop.

The Pokestop shouldn't be any ordinary Golden Pokestop, but the ones that are turned golden using a Golden Lure Model. This is done by sending postcards to the Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Go.

And if you don't have access to Scarlet and Violet right now, connect with friends or fellow players who have this game version. They can help you get your hands on the well-hyped Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go.

Firstly, finding the right Golden Pokestop isn't an easy task. Secondly, if you find one, your access to Ghimmighoul depends upon your gaming skills and luck.

Part 3. What is the Fastest Way to Get Ghimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Go?

Ghimmighoul coin Pokemon Go helps in Ghimmighoul evolution to Gholdengo. Players need 999 coins to evolve their Ghimmighoul to Gholdengo, which is a huge number.

Here are the quick methods of getting coins for claiming Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go:

1.Open the Gold Box

The Gold Box in Pokemon Go is a celebration box. It gives you 9 free Ghimmighoul coins. All you've got to do is head to the shop and open the Pokemon Gold Box, and you'll have your reward.

how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go gold box

2.Fight with a Chest Ghimmighoul

This is another method that helps you get Ghimmighoul coins. Find a Chest Ghimmighoul, engage it in a fight, and capture or defeat it. It will give you 50 to 80 coins as per your luck.

But here's the thing - the coin reward can vary depending on your expertise. 50 to 80 coins is a typical number; some players have received rewards as high as 777. All in all, this depends mostly on how lucky you are!

3.Engage with a Roaming Ghimmighoul

Roaming from Ghimmighoul, Pokemon Go is a version of Ghimmighoul that wanders the Paldae by itself. It also helps you get Ghimmighoul coins. However, unlike the Chest Ghimmighoul, you don't have to fight with a Roaming Ghimmighoul.

A little interaction with them is enough to get 1 to 9 Ghimmighoul coins. This may seem very little, but you should keep collecting these coins to make it easy to upgrade your Ghimmighoul to Gholdengo.

4.Use the Golden Lure Module on Pokestop

Another method you can try is turning the Pokestop into Golden using a Golden Lure Model. This will give you a spinning wheel-like feature that helps you get more Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go coins.

how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go golden lure

Bonus Tip: Catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go without Physically Moving

If you want to upgrade your game with the Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go but are facing geographic restrictions to catch and get them, PoGoskill eases your worries. It's a reliable location spoofing tool that switches your location, and you don't have to move anywhere physically. The best part? It does everything anonymously and without any suspicions. Hence, you don't have to worry about bans.

Key Features:

  • Import/Export GPX File: Manage custom routes with easy import/export of GPX files.
  • Cooldown Timer: Receive reminders with a convenient countdown timer to avoid excessive GPS location changes.
  • Add to Favorite: Manually save preferred locations and routes, enabling quick one-click access.
  • Historical Records: Save favorite historical spots for convenient re-selection in future use.
  • Zoom Map In/Out: Improve route planning by zooming in and out on the map for detailed exploration.

Steps to Use PoGoskill to Catch Gimmighoul

The steps you must follow to use PoGoskill on your device to make your Ghimmighoul catch and play easy without moving are:

Step 1
Download and install the PoGoskill app on your PC or MAC, and then click "Start."
how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go pogoskill launch
Step 2
Connect your Android or iOS device to the PC via USB.
how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go pogoskill connection
Step 3
Select a location to catch Ghimmighoul without moving. Choose teleport mode if you need a quick location change. Enter the address in the search bar and click the "Start to modify" option.
how to catch ghimmigoul pokemon go pogoskill location spoofing


Getting a Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go is easy with the Scarlet and Violet versions. But if you don't have access to this version, you can get help from a friend having Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Go and get your hands on the Golden Pokestop. The Golden Pokestop must be turned golden using a Gold Lure Model. And even then, whether you will get the Ghimmighoul Pokemon or not depends on your luck. 

All this may seem overwhelming, so we brought you a solution -PoGoskill. This tool changes your location without hassle, and you can get region-exclusive Ghimmighoul Pokemon Go. Don't wait; use the PoGoskill now to get your Pokemon and level up your gaming experiences. 

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