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How to Get Marshadow in Pokémon GO Fest 2024?

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-05-30 / Update for Pokemon iOS

Pokémon Go Fest is here again, with live real-world locations at different times and dates, as well as new and exciting places like Sendai in Japan, Madrid in Spain, etc. However, the most notable event this year is Marshadow in Pokemon GO Fest 2024, which starts in Sendai, Japan, from May 30th to June 2nd. You can fight this rare Pokémon only once in the encounter and try to capture him, so be prepared to get Marshadow Pokemon GO as it is making its debut.

marshadow in pokemon go

Part 1. How Do You Unlock Marshadow in Pokemon GO Fest 2024?

As Marshadow in Pokemon GO is making its debut, there are only two ways that you can capture this Ghost-type Pokémon boosted by cloudy and foggy weather. Let's discuss these methods.

1. In-person Event Attendance

For the first unlock method, you need to attend the live, real-life event: Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Sendai, Japan. But to have access to attend this physical event, you must buy the Pokemon Go Fest tickets well in advance so you don't miss out on the event unless the tickets are sold out. You can pay US$14.99 to buy the tickets available in the web store.

Once the event goes live, you will have the chance to participate with others in wild encounters, enhance the duration of the lure module, experience exciting Field Research themes, and more.

how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 intro

2. Global Ticket Purchase

If you are not able to participate in the actual life event, you still have a chance to capture Marshadow in Pokemon GO Fest 2024 by joining the online event. Keep in mind that you will get digital goods instead of physical ones, but for the rest of the event, you will get a chance to capture more than 70 shiny Pokémon, among other events.

how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 global ticket

Part 2. How to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Go Fest 2024?

So now that you know how to participate in the Marshadow Pokemon GO debut event, let's discuss how to capture this elusive and dark Pokémon. Will it be difficult for the global audience? Let's find out.

1.Difficulty Level to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Go

Marshadow in Pokemon GO is a strong Pokémon like Mewtwo or Rayquaza and will not be easy to capture. With a maximum CP of 4217 and ATK of 265, you need to know its weaknesses and immunities.

  • The Pokémon is boosted if the weather is cloudy or foggy.
  • The Pokémon is weak to Ghost, Fairy, psychic, and flying elements and moves.
  • On the other hand, the Pokémon will have much-reduced damage taken by Fighting, Poison, Bugs, Rocks, etc., elements and moves.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 catching difficulty

To capture it, you need a similar higher-level Pokémon and special moves. Let's discuss the special throws in the next section.

2. Special Throws to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Go

When it comes to catching Marshadow in Pokemon GO Fest 2024 with no berries, you have a 2.50% rate at normal, which you can increase with curved throws. Here, a Curved Great Throw can increase the chance to 6.52%, which you can further enhance by using Razz Berry, which increases it to 9.23% by Great Throw.

3. What are the distinct differences between shiny Marshadow and normal Marshadow?

The big difference between a normal Marshadow and a shiny Marshadow is purely cosmetic and only noticeable during battle.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Normal Marshadow: During animations like attacks or its Z-Move, the fiery aura around its head and wrists glows green and yellow.
  • Shiny Marshadow: In the same situations, the fiery aura turns purple instead of green and yellow.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 catching difficulty

So, while they have the same stats and abilities, shiny Marshadow boasts a unique color scheme during battle animations.

It's worth noting that Marshadow itself is a Mythical Pokemon, meaning obtaining one can be tricky and dependent on special events. Shiny versions are even rarer.

Part 3. How To Join in Pokemon Go Fest 2024 without Moving?

Marshadow in GO Fest 2024 comes once a year, and the real-life event is held in three Pokemon Go Fest locations on different dates. Unfortunately, you have to be in Japan, Spain, or the US to participate in these events and gain massive bonuses and benefits. So what do you do if you cannot be present in these locations for thousands of Pokémon Go players?

In such scenarios, you want to have a higher chance of catching Marshadow Pokemon GO in this event. To do so, you can use a location spoofer. You can be at one of these 3 locations without even moving or going outside your home. The solution to this fantastic option is the best Pokémon Go Spoofer, PoGoskill.

PoGoskill Best Pokemon Go Spoofer Features:

  • There is no need to be at the real-life event location when you can be there from the comfort of your home.
  • With a single click, your in-game character will be in Sendai, Japan, while you are in Nevada or anywhere else in the world at your home.
  • While at the event location, you can use the built-in joystick to move your character around, synchronizing its speed while walking or running.
  • This tool isn’t just used for Pokémon Go; you can also spoof your location in other Apps like Facebook or Netflix to access geo-locked content.

How to Download and Spoof Your Location?

Step 1
After downloading Pokémon Go Spoofer PoGoskill, install and run it. Then press Start on the main screen.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 pogoskill pokemon go spoofer
Step 2
Connect your Android or iOS device using its data cable.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 pogoskill pokemon go spoofer
Step 3
Once connected, you can enter your location, such as Mardird or Sendai. You can be more accurate if you know the exact coordinates of the event location.
how to get marshadow in pokemon go fest 2024 pogoskill change location

Part 4. Hot FAQs about Marshadow Pokemon Go

Q1: What are Marshadow's stats in Pokémon GO?

While exact stats for Pokémon GO are not confirmed until its release, Marshadow is known for having a balanced set of stats in the main series games, with high Attack and Speed.

Q2: How to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Sword?

There was a limited-time event to obtain Marshadow in Pokemon Sword and Shield through a code distribution at participating retailers [Target, GameStop] before September 30th, 2022. Unfortunately, since it's past the deadline, this method is no longer available. However, you can keep an eye out for future events or giveaways by checking the official Pokemon website or social media channels.

Q3: What are Marshadow's best moves in Pokémon GO?

In the main series, Marshadow's signature move is Spectral Thief, which steals the target's stat boosts before dealing damage. For Pokémon GO, its best moveset would likely involve fast Fighting and Ghost-type moves, but exact moves are yet to be determined.


This is the first time that Marshadow in Pokemon GO is making its debut. At the moment, it can only be encountered during special Fest 2024 dates. While you can join the global events, there are many more bonuses if you are physically at the event location. Unfortunately, it is super expensive if you don't live nearby, so you should choose a Pokémon Spoofer like PoGoskill to mock your location. With PoGoskill, you don't need to worry about moving or going outside your house.

More about PoGoSkill:

  • Change your GPS location with just one click and don't need to jailbreak or root your phone.
  • Move around in the game with a joystick, which is really helpful for AR games like Pokémon Go.
  • Works with all sorts of apps that use your location, such as Pokémon Go, Monster Hunter Now,Facebook, ect.
  • Use GPX files for moving around quickly in the game, which saves a lot of time.
  • It's updated to work with the latest phone systems, like iOS 17 and Android 14

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