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Cleffa Hatch Day: Hatching Cuteness & Evolving Strategies for Trainers!

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2024-04-24 / Update for Pokemon iOS

In the world of Pokémon Go, one event that stands out is Cleffa Hatch Day. This is a special day specifically dedicated to hatching the Eggs of Cleffa Pokemon Go. For trainers who adore this pretty Pokémon, Cleffa Hatch Day offers an increase in opportunities to hatch Cleffa Eggs. For those who don't have it in their Pokédex yet, it's a golden chance to add it.

Part 1. What is Cleffa Pokemon Go?

Cleffa, known as the Star Shape Pokémon, is an adorable Fairy-type creature that debuted in Generation II of Pokémon. Its small, round body and two pointy ears give it a star-shaped appearance that charms trainers and opponents alike, setting it apart in the Pokémon universe.

cleffa hatch day intro

Cleffa possesses an undeniable cuteness that makes it one of the most popular and beloved creatures among trainers. The pink color of its skin, the positioning of its ears, and a small curl on its forehead add to its endearing appearance.

Despite its small size, Cleffa has a robust set of abilities. With an average HP of about 50, Cleffa might not seem notably durable initially. However, its moves like "Sweet Kiss" and "Charm" can confuse and decrease enemy attack power, making Cleffa a valuable asset in any Pokémon battle.

Part 2. How to Hatch Cleffa on Cleffa Hatch Day?

Cleffa Hatch Day is your golden ticket to a team overflowing with adorable Cleffa! Here's how to strategically maximize your hatching during this special event:

1. Hit the PokéStop Jackpot

During Cleffa Hatch Day, PokéStops have a significantly increased chance of dropping 2km Eggs. These are the very Eggs Cleffa calls home! Diligently spin PokéStops throughout the day to collect as many Eggs as possible.

2. Prioritize Incubation Slots

Since you're aiming for Cleffa, prioritize incubating 2km Eggs. If your Incubator slots are full, consider using lower-tier Incubators (like the free ones) specifically for 2km Eggs during the event.

3. Buddy Up for Bonus Candy:

Make Cleffa your buddy Pokemon! While walking won't directly hatch the Egg in your Incubators in Pokemon Go, every 5km you walk with Cleffa as your buddy will earn you Cleffa Candy. This candy can be helpful for future Cleffa evolutions.

4. Hatching Tips and Tricks

  • Walk efficiently: While enjoying the fresh air, try to walk in a straight line to maximize distance tracking within the game.
  • Incubator juggling: If you have multiple Incubators in Pokemon Go, hatch your non-2km Eggs first. This frees up Incubator slots for newly acquired 2km Eggs during your Cleffa hunt.
  • Use Star Pieces: During Cleffa Hatch Day, consider using a Star Piece when hatching Eggs. This temporary item increases the amount of Stardust you receive, which helps power up your new Cleffa!

Part 3. Pokemon Go Cleffa Evolution Stage

In the world of Pokémon Go, evolution is a vital process that enhances a Pokémon's powers and abilities. Cleffa's evolution journey is a stimulating pathway that moves through two stages:

Stage 1 - Cleffa to Clefairy

With just 25 Cleffa Candies, trainers can evolve their Cleffa into a Clefairy. This evolution enhances its abilities and makes it more formidable in battles.

Stage 2 - Clefairy to Clefable

For Clefairy to evolve into Clefable, it takes a steep 100 Clefairy Candies. This considerable requirement reflects the scale of the transformation and the extent of power that Clefable wields.

cleffa hatch day evolution

Stage 2 - Clefairy to Sylveon (Special Method)

Evolving Clefairy to Sylveon requires a unique approach focused on building friendship and acquiring a specific move:

  • Maximize Friendship: Make Clefairy your buddy Pokemon and focus on earning hearts. This involves actions like battling together, feeding berries, and playing with it in AR mode. The more hearts you earn, the stronger the bond with your Clefairy.
  • Learn "Fairy Wind" (Fairy-type move): Before evolving, ensure your Clefairy learns the Fairy-type move "Fairy Wind." TMs (Technical Machines) are sometimes available in PokéStops or events that can teach Clefairy this move.

Once you've achieved a high friendship level and Clefairy has learned "Fairy Wind," evolving it will result in Sylveon.

cleffa hatch day optional evolution

Additional Tips

  • Participate in events! Cleffa Hatch Days or events featuring increased Clefairy spawns can significantly boost your candy collection.
  • Consider trading with other players. You might find someone willing to trade a Cleffa or Clefairy, saving you time on catching or walking.

Through either evolutionary path, Cleffa ultimately turns into a potent Fairy-type Pokémon, offering trainers a mesmerizing mix of charm, allure, and power. The transformation from a small Cleffa to a mighty Clefable or Sylveon is one of the most intriguing aspects of the Pokémon Go journey.

Part 4. How to Get Cleffa Candy without Walking Physically?

Accumulating Cleffa candy can be expedited with the help of PoGoskill GPS spoofer. It permits trainers to simulate movement and distance in the game without physical movement, earning more Cleffa candies in less time.

  • Fooling the game into thinking the user is physically moving, thereby accumulating distance and earning Candies.
  • Allowing users to mimic a genuine walking path, increasing the likelihood of earning more Candy without suspicion.
  • Rewarding more Candies as it perceives the user to be covering more distance by controlling the speed of their simulated movement. 
  • Enhancing the illusion of actual physical walking increases the chances of hatching eggs and earning more Candy.

Simple to use, safe, and reliable, Pogoskill can be acquired by simply navigating to their official page and following the download instructions.

Step 1
Initiate PoGoskill on your personal computer or Mac by clicking on the “Start” button.
cleffa hatch day pogoskill pokemon go spoofer launch
Step 2
Create a reliable connection using a USB data cable, which is typically suggested, or establish a Wi-Fi connection for iOS devices.
cleffa hatch day pogoskill pokemon go spoofer connection
Step 3
Key in the specific coordinates you'd like to relocate to within PoGoskill's interface or select from your saved favored locations and past recordings.
cleffa hatch day pogoskill pokemon go spoofer change location


Cleffa Hatch Day is a great time to hatch Cleffa and start your journey towards Sylveon! Remember, you can earn Cleffa Candy by walking or consider PoGoskill GPS spoofer as an alternative to maximize your experience with Cleffa Pokemon Go. Happy hunting!

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