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How to Avoid and Remove Pokemon Go Soft Ban? Fix It Now!

by Jerry Cook
Updated on 2023-12-18 / Update for Pokemon Android

Pokemon Go players use some tactics to progress faster in the game, play it without walking, and gain extra benefits. But by doing this, they violate the terms of service, which often leads to a Pokemon Go soft ban. In this article, we will discuss what the Pokemon Go soft ban is and how to avoid and fix it. We will explain what triggers the soft ban, how long it lasts, and how to spoof location safely.

Part 1: What is Pokemon Go Soft Ban?

Pokemon Go soft ban is a gentle warning to prevent you from getting an unfair advantage in the game and going against the terms of service. It usually happens when you use an unreliable GPS spoofer or overdo location spoofing. Keep in mind that it is not a strike on your account and can’t lead to one. However, it imposes various restrictions and halts the progress of the game.

During a soft ban on Pokemon Go, you can’t catch wild Pokemon and enjoy loot from Pokestops. Thus, it limits your gameplay for a short period.

Part 2: What Triggers Soft Ban Pokemon Go?

A lot of things that contradict the terms of service can trigger a Pokemon Go soft ban. However, there are a few main triggers.

Fast Movement: The soft ban was introduced to discourage playing the game while driving. If you are in a car and over the normal speed, it can lead to a soft ban.

Unrealistic Speed: Any unrealistic speed set in a GPS spoofer indicates you are spoofing the location. It imposes a soft ban on the account.

Account Sharing: Sharing accounts with friends and family, especially if they are far away from your location, triggers the ban.

Automated Devices: The use of automated devices for faking location, complete walking goals, or any unfair advantage is prohibited and can result in soft bans.

GPS Spoofing: Using a GPS spoofer and changing location multiple times without any pause causes a soft ban. Quick location changes are unrealistic and a red flag for the app.

Dropping Balls During Encounter: Use Pokeballs properly when you encounter a Pokemon because dropping them on the encounter screen is also a reason for soft bans.

Part 3: What is the 7-Day Warning in Pokemon Go?

The 7-day warning is actually the first strike. When Niantic notices any cheating through your account that gives you an unfair advantage over other players, it gives you the first strike, which is also known as a warning strike.

When your account suffers from this strike, you receive a clear message or notification through the app. Your gameplay is degraded for seven days. After receiving the first strike, you may not:

  • See a rare Pokemon on the map
  • Receive the EX raid passes
  • Be able to participate in Pokestop Showcases
  • Be able to trade Pokemon and send gifts from other trainers

These are a few things you can’t do for seven days, but your account may experience other limitations as well. After seven days, your account will be back to normal, and the game will be fully restored. But keep in mind that if you violate the terms again, you will get a second strike, in which your account is suspended for 30 days.

Part 4: Tips to Remove Pokemon Go Soft Ban

After encountering the Pokemon Go soft ban, players get frustrated and look for options to get rid of it. These tips might help you remove the soft ban in Pokemon Go.

  • Wait for Restoration: The easiest way is to wait for up to 12 hours, and your gameplay will hopefully be restored. It is a short span, so it is recommended for players to wait.
  • Spin the Coins: Players have experienced that spinning the coins 40 times on a Pokestop removes the soft ban. You won’t get any rewards, but it might do the job. Remember, this method might not work for you.
  • Create to a New Account: The new account trick has worked for many players. Create a new account and play the game for a few minutes. Delete the app and reinstall it. Now, log into the banned account again. You might not experience the soft ban this time.
  • Contact Pokemon Go Help Center: If you have tried everything and waited for more than a day, you can contact Pokemon Go Help Center. Let them know your account has been soft-banned by mistake. They might help you restore the gameplay.

Part 5: Pokémon GO Soft Ban Duration

One of the frequently asked questions is, “How long are soft bans in Pokemon Go?”

The duration of the soft ban varies, and it depends on the type of violation done by the account user. It could last several minutes to hours. But it is usually not longer than 12 hours. After that, the restrictions on your account will be removed, and you will be able to play the game just like before. The table below shows the cooldown times to help you avoid Pokémon soft ban.

Total Distance Waiting Period Total Distance Waiting Period
1 KM 1 Minute 125 KM 33 Minutes
2 KM 1 Minute 150 KM 36 Minutes
4 KM 2 Minutes 180 KM 39 Minutes
10 KM 8 Minutes 200 KM 42 Minutes
15 KM 11 Minutes 300 KM 50 Minutes
20 KM 13 Minutes 400 KM 56 Minutes
25 KM 15 Minutes 500 KM 64 Minutes
30 KM 18 Minutes 600 KM 72 Minutes
40 KM 22 Minutes 700 KM 80 Minutes
45 KM 23 Minutes 800 KM 86 Minutes
60 KM 25 Minutes 1000 KM 100 Minutes
80 KM 27 Minutes 1250 KM 118 Minutes
100 KM 30 Minutes 1266+ KM 120+ Minutes

Bonus Tip: Avoid Pokemon Go Soft Ban with the Best Pokemon Go Spoofer – PoGoskill

To avoid a Pokemon Go soft ban, you must use a reliable location changer that can spoof GPS location without leaving a clue. PoGoskill is a GPS spoofer that is specifically created for Pokemon Go. It ensures the safety of your account and allows you to enjoy extra features. You can use it to spoof location on Android and iOS devices without root or jailbreak.

The most important feature of PoGoskill is the cooldown timer. Its countdown tells you when it is safe to spoof the location and prevents a soft ban. You can also adjust the speed of movement according to walking and cycling to imitate natural movement.

It offers multiple modes for location spoofing, including teleport, two-spot, and multi-spot. The joystick mode allows you to control the movement on the map and move in any direction you like. Other incredible features that make the gameplay more exciting are the GPX file support, favorite list, Wi-Fi connection, and multi-device control (up to 15 devices).

Let’s see the steps to use the PoGoskill Pokemon Go spoofer to change your location.

Step 1
Download PoGoskill and install it on your PC or Mac. Once it is installed, launch it and click "Start".
Step 2
Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. Once the device is detected, select it and click “Next”.
Step 3
Once your device is connected, you will see a map. Enter the desired location in the search bar and click Start to Modify. Your location will be changed instantly, but before you perform certain in-game actions, make sure to wait for the cooldown timer to end to avoid a soft ban.
Step 4
You can also switch to the joystick by clicking the last option on the top-right corner of the screen. Select the desired speed of movement. Now, you are ready to use the joystick to move in any direction you want.


Pokemon Go soft ban limits the gameplay and does not let you enjoy the game. We have shared how you can avoid it while playing the game and using a location spoofer. If you have already been affected by the ban, you can follow the methods to remove it. For reliable location spoofing and preventing soft bans, you can use PoGoskill. It allows you to spoof location and enjoy the game to the fullest. The best part is that if you follow the cooldown timer, you will never encounter the Pokemon Go soft ban. Download PoGoskill for free and spoof your location without any worries.

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